It’s been a year! We’d certainly never claim that 2020 was typical in any sense. We all experienced many of the same ups and downs together but we’d prefer to recall the ups more than the downs. That’s why we’re reminding ourselves of the best Core Commissions stories of 2020.

Person jumps from 2020 cliff to 2021 across a chasm as we end 2020 and take a look back at our best stories of the year.

We’re taking a look at the best Core Commissions stories of 2020 before we escape for 2021!

This year, we partnered with new friends, welcomed new members to the team, and continued saving our clients the time and money invested in complex sales commission management.

As a reminder, we’ve listed out the biggest 2020 highlights from the Core Commissions blog below. What’s been your biggest highlight of 2020?

We Made New Friends

  • In August, we announced our partnership with IDI Billing, creating a comprehensive experience for managing commissions and large sales agent networks.
  • Then in October, we released an integration with Zoey’s B2B order management and capture solution.
  • All year, we grew the number of business apps Core integrates with, allowing our clients to harmonize their entire system.
  • We looked at how sales commission management software might be a logical solution for our friends already doing payroll.

We Continued to Grow

  • Throughout the year, we added new faces to our team and continued to grow, while effectively providing sales commissions solutions to sales organizations of all sizes.
  • Our managed services program offered a fully outsourced option for sales commissions management.
Woman holds party favor during new years eve party as we celebrate the end of 2020 from a safe distance.

We Supported Sales Organizations in Paying Commissions

We Had Fun

Once we’re done going down memory lane, we want to help you navigate sales commissions with your team in the new year. Drop us a line or set up a free demo and we’ll show you how sales commission management software can save you time, money, and frustration in 2021.