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Connect commission software to any CRM, ERP, & most financial apps.

Core Commissions seamlessly works with your business systems allowing you to process sales commission calculations quickly and without errors!


Our easy to use “building block” method lets even non-technical users quickly build and test different sales commission rules.

Plus, Core Commissions automatically flow charts each step in the process so that you can easily audit payment details.


The connector module allows Core’s sales commission application to sync with virtually any CRM, ERP, accounting, financial, or any other business application.

You can even configure your imports to run on a set schedule.


No matter the complexity of sales commission rules nor the number of payees, Core allows you to process all sales commission calculations with a single click of a button.


Answer questions before they are asked with clear, customizable individualized reports. Access dynamic dashboards where you can drill down to any level of detail on how sales commissions are calculated and paid.

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