Integrate Core

Connect Core with any CRM, ERP, financial application, or data source.

Software We Integrate With

How We Integrate

Core’s powerful connector module is the interface for configuring dynamic data exchanges. We support a wide variety of technologies such as API’s, SFTP transfers, web connectors, third-party integration platforms, and other methods.

The Core connector module streamlines the setup process and provides a single view to manage all integrations.

Sync Your Data

Once the integration is configured, data exchanges can be scheduled to execute automatically at pre-determined times and in either direction (sending or receiving). Need to refresh data between scheduled imports? That’s as easy as a button click!

Interactive webpage with multiple third-party software options listed for integration into the Core Commissions solution

Any Data Source

Core can be configured for automated data transfer with virtually any upstream or downstream application or data source your business uses. Whether it’s a CRM, an ERP, financial application, or even a local database, tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Core integrate with QuickBooks, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, or other business applications?

Yes. Thanks to our in-house ETL modules, Core can integrate with any upstream or downstream data source. That includes most CRMs, ERPs, financial, and business management applications. In fact, as a development partner of the platform, we can offer full integration into the platform.

Integration into popular financial management and CRM applications is a common request. However, because each client has different requirements (security, timing, individual fields, etc..), we typically quote this integration separately.

Click here for more information on Core integrations.

What does ETL mean?

It tells you exactly what the module does: extract, transform, and load. We’ve developed this tool in-house so that we have the flexibility to fashion it in whatever way it’s needed. Our implementers set up ETL modules with customized settings specifically for the integrations you need.

How long will it take to integrate Core with our business application?

To integrate Core with other business applications, you’ll need to work with our team. We estimate that it will take 15 hours to develop the integration.

How much does it cost to integrate our business applications with Core?

For integration, we charge a standard rate by the hour.