Core Commissions Now Integrates with Zoey

by | Oct 28, 2020

Integrating commission management software into your existing business systems just got easier now that Core Commissions integrates with Zoey, a B2B order management and capture solution.

We’re proud to work with Zoey.

Our talented team custom coded a module to connect Zoey to Core’s commission management application. The integration allows Core Commissions users to import information directly from Zoey and incorporate that into commission calculations as needed. Now your team can use it too.

We here at Core are proud to work with Zoey. The application provides e-commerce tools for business-to-business sales organizations, such as wholesalers, distributors, and other B2B brands. But that’s not all.

Zoey is easily accessible through three channels:

  • Zoey App: Available for iPhone and iPad, Zoey’s mobile app allows users to take orders anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Through the app, a user may also lookup pricing and product information, review customer details, and create quotes or orders — even when offline. An Android version of the app will be available soon.
  • Zoey Web: Buyers access self-service options through Zoey’s web portal to generate quotes, create orders, view existing order information, browse products, pricing, and more. This can take the form of a private order portal, or a public e-commerce website, and allows customer segmentation for pricing and catalog based on the logged-in user or account.
  • Zoey Admin: This is where administrators can manage everything on the Zoey App and Zoey Web. They can create, manage, and update all online data for products, pricing, orders, customers, accounts, and more. Admins can also handle payment and shipping options as well as app integrations, like Core!

We also appreciate all the bells and whistles Zoey delivers to their clients. Businesses who use the e-commerce platform can easily set up all the features they need to sell products online using all of Zoey’s available tools.

Zoey’s core features include:

  • Net Terms: Zoey users may establish global net terms that dictate spending limits and “buy now, pay later” arrangements for a buyer or an entire account.
  • Access Restrictions: Businesses may determine what each account or buyer can see, as well as what is available publicly. They may also manage the pricing (including tiered pricing), catalog, payment, and shipping options each buyer or account can access.
  • Customer Groups: Administrators have the ability to assign buyers and accounts to groups that set the various rules of what each buyer has access to.
  • Sales Quotes: With this feature, admins may create quotes and draft orders that buyers can approve. Buyers also get the ability to request a pricing quote based on the items they wish to buy.
  • Order Portal: This portal offers a private ordering experience for a business’s buyers with pricing and catalog information that’s only available to your approved purchasers.
  • E-commerce Website: A user can build a publicly available catalog that can be used for Search Engine Optimization, with certain information either displayed or suppressed to guest visitors versus logged in users.

For our customers looking for a B2B e-commerce option, we recommend checking out Zoey and all the options it has available.

Additionally, if your organization needs to integrate sales commissions with an ERP, CRM, or any other type of business system, contact us. We already integrate with dozens of applications and if yours is not one of them, we can figure out how to build that connection for you.

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