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Commission calculations require several steps. Core Commissions fully automates all of them.

  • Import data from multiple sources.
  • Convert reports in any form.
  • Relate information across different platforms.
  • Apply complex rules criteria.
  • Build individualized and executive reports.
  • Instantly access metrics and analytics.
  • Integrate commissions with your CRM, ERP, or other financial application.

Core’s sales commission software provides robust tools that fully automate every task and more. Implement whatever level of automation your company wants.

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Cost-effective Commission Software with Powerful Features

Build Complex Rules in Minutes

Flow chart for Core Commissions sales commission software allows you to build complex rules in minutes and automate commissions.

Commission rules can get complex. With some commission software, it can be hard to build those rules out. We make it simple. Our intuitive “building block” method walks you through each step of the calculation. 

  • Automatically chart each step of the process flow.
  • Clearly see where each of the variables originates. 
  • View the sequence of calculations as they happen.
  • Review results from each step of a complex commission calculation.
  • Get all of the supporting details with a single button click.
  • Easily verify results, explain calculations to others, and trust the accuracy.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Core allows commission administrators to easily build reports and email commission reports to all payees with the click of a button

Rocket-fast drag & drop analytics generate any kind of report you need in minutes. Dashboards drill down or up, updating charts with a click. Our sales commission software does that and more:

  • Delivers library of easily customized reports.
  • Gives users individual access to web reporting module.
  • Sends individualized reports in bulk with the click of a button.
  • Customizes in-depth reports with our Rapid Report Builder.
  • Designs in-depth and easy-to-navigate dashboards.
  • Builds analytics modules with easy-to-use drag & drop tools.
  • Exports data in excel, pdf, and other file formats.

Core Commissions is easy to use and the support team has been fantastic.


My agents and I love it. Customer service is awesome. This is great software and I would recommend it to anyone.

DavidParagon Dealer Services

Kirt and his team are great to work with and I feel they are a part of our team. I can’t imagine doing this job without them!

NancyWestern Resources Title

Core Commissions is an excellent tool for pulling disparate information together to generate meaningful reports.

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