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Intuitive, powerful, flexible commission software that makes managing sales compensation a breeze.

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An animated badge indicates that Core Commissions earned a gold medal from Software Reviews in their 2022 Sales Compensation software report.

Sales Compensation Gold Medalist 2022

An animated badge indicates that Core Commissions earned a gold medal from Software Reviews in their 2022 Sales Compensation software report.

Sales Compensation Gold Medalist 2023

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What Makes Core Different?

Our best-in-class rules engine and auditing capability delivers an affordable solution to automate all your commission management tasks.

Intuitive Rule Building

Automated Auditing

Transparent Reporting

Scalable Pricing

Here’s How It Works



Learn how Core will automate your incentive plans; view payment output examples, auditing tools, and performance metrics.


Quick Start

Start with Core’s low-cost proof of concept program. Challenge us to build your most complex rules using your actual data before deciding to subscribe.



After your Quick Start, choose from Launch, Enterprise, or Managed Services subscription options, depending on level of support and features needed.

Technology Showcase

Quick Start: Try Before You Buy!

Core’s unique, low-cost ($500) proof of concept program lets you test some of your most complex rules using actual data before subscribing. The program includes:

10 hours of rules configuration.

System training from our team.
30-day trial after setup.

Choose Your Solution

Annual Subscriptions:


Starts at:


Per payee/
per month

A low-cost pay-per-rule option, Launch delivers the full suite of complex rule features.

*Minimum of 10 payee. Pricing is monthly, billed annually in advance.

Launch Includes:

Easy setup with Core’s drag-and-drop RuleBot technology.

Automated auditing to review any sales commission output and drill down to the details.

Dispute management module for standardized submission of sales questions and issues.

Payment and dashboard information published to the web in one click.


Volume discounts available.


Per payee/
per month

Unlimited commission rules, dynamic integration options, and dedicated support.

*Minimum of 15 payees. Pricing is monthly, billed annually in advance.

Includes Launch, plus:

Custom input forms and views.

Dedicated support.

Integration with any application or database.

Scheduled, automated processing and report generation.

Managed Services

Starts at:


Per payee/
per month

Outsource commission management tasks to Core for less than your internal costs.

*Minimum of 15 payees. Pricing is monthly, billed annually in advance

Add Managed Services to Your Enterprise Subscription:

Data management and auditing by Core experts.

Status updates for sales team members.

Commission cycles and audit results processed for you.
Reports and dashboards published to Core Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Core Commissions do?

Core Commissions provides an affordable sales commission software that handles even the most complex commission structures and rules. Core’s comprehensive incentives management solution can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, fully automate your sales commission process, generate reports and analytics with the click of a button, reduce the commission administrator’s workload by up to 85%, and eliminate errors. Our team of experienced and supportive implementers works directly with companies to give them the foundation they need to run the Core system. With a variety of solutions to choose from, sales organizations of all sizes can select the right fit for their needs with Core. Our website is mobile optimized so no mobile app needed.

My company’s commission, bonus, and incentive compensation plans are complex. Can Core Commissions handle that?

Our proprietary RuleBots method breaks down even the most complex sales commission rules into individual, manageable steps that are then integrated into a single process. This approach, unique to Core, gives anyone, including administrators without a lot of technical experience, the power to build and manage complex rules without the need for custom programming.

Can Core track overrides, tiered rates, graduated commissions, and other commission variables?

Yes. All aspects of incentive management are supported in the Core application, including:

  • Hierarchy overrides
  • Splits
  • Team pools
  • Accelerators
  • Bonuses
  • Chargebacks
  • Floors and ceilings
  • Ramped targets
  • Tiered rates

Core tracks and stores data associating people, organizations, and activity according to any number of fields and configurations, customized for the unique business.

How often can Core run commission cycles?

As often as your business needs! Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, annually, or another timeframe, Core can make it happen. The application accommodates an unlimited number of commission cycles and payment schedules. Any cycle period can be defined and tracked easily, and multiple cycles can be run concurrently.

Can I import my data directly from an Excel or CSV file?

Yes. Core comes standard with import and export capabilities in Excel or CSV file formats. The application also integrates with almost any upstream or downstream data source. Users have the ability to perform real-time record audits, allowing them to catch any errors during the import process so you never have to worry about bad data in the system.

What type of reporting capability does Core offer?

Our flexible web-based reporting module, custom report designer, interactive “drag & drop” analytics, and dashboard module offer easy options for building both individualized and executive commission reports that can be accessed by individual reps or executives as needed. A bulk email distribution engine allows you to send out multiple reports featuring individualized information with a single button click.

Can Core track commissions based on revenue or profit?

Our application has the ability to calculate commissions based on whatever factors you stipulate. Tell us what you need the application to do and we’ll set it up with you.

Can Core help us with ASC 606 or any other type of compliance or reconciliation process?

Yes. The technology we offer through the Core application has the power to calculate and audit whatever data you need it to.

Does Core Commissions offer a mobile application?

Our website is mobile optimized so no mobile app needed.