What a Sales Commission Tracking Dashboard Can Do For Your Team

by | Feb 23, 2022

When tracking commissions, it helps to have one central location where you can find all the info you need. If you’re still inputting all your data into commission spreadsheets, that’s impossible. However, if you’ve adopted commission software, you can set up a dashboard to serve as your central location.

Core Commissions clients get the capability to design dashboards however they need. They can also create dashboards for any user, including sales reps or executives. Dashboards on Core Commissions typically serve as commission tracking hubs. That said, different users may find dashboards useful for other purposes as well.

A helmeted racecar driver figuratively demonstrates the power of a sales tracking dashboard to control business performance.

Building the right dashboards for commission tracking can put you in the driver’s seat for an entire sales organization.

If you’re looking to review sales performance, follow sales trends, or manage revenue — among other tasks — there may be a dashboard for you. Read on to find out how to use a dashboard to accomplish these goals.

Commission Tracking

This is the original purpose of Core’s dashboards. Administrators set up reports that focus on commission calculations for an entire sales team. Ideally, someone can take a quick glance at a dashboard and be able to immediately recognize where sales reps, agents, or other payees stand.

A good commission tracking dashboard features commissions earned for each payee. It should indicate how much the team as a whole has earned as well as what each individual is owed. More than likely, the dashboard will provide up-to-date information for the current cycle. Details on how much the team still has to earn to reach on-target earnings also offer useful insights.

Sales Performance Administration

Because commission software knows how much salespeople have sold, it’s an effective tool for sales performance. The data needed to calculate commissions is already baked into the system. That same data will tell you how well your team is performing.

To create a dashboard that provides sales performance insights, look for the data on sales. The number of sales closed by an individual or a team over a series of time could be a helpful report. You can also build reports that tell you how much revenue a salesperson or team has earned for a period of time. Regional reports, product sales reports, and other sales performance reports can also be created for performance insights.

 A commission manager uses a sales tracking dashboard to identify key trends and performance indicators.

Sales Tracking

Since commission software tracks sales activities, it can also show emerging trends. Very often, reports on a dashboard for sales trends will compare activity over a period of time. It may be year over year, month over month, or even quarter over quarter. These insights help management predict when sales will peak and when they may plateau. It’s helpful information to have when planning quotas and sales goals.

Revenue Management

If your commission software has been tracking sales, it should be able to tell you how much revenue your company is earning. This is especially true if your commission structure is based on revenue. By creating reports focused on revenue earnings by your team and your individual payees, you can track earnings for the company. Having these details at your fingertips, you’ll be more prepared to make financial decisions for the future.

Set up all the dashboards you need with Core Commissions. Contact us today for more information. Set up a free demo and we’ll show you how simple it is to build your own dashboards.

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