How to Find the Best Commission Tracking Software

by | Feb 3, 2021

When selecting commission tracking software, you want the solution that best fits your organization’s needs. As we’ve pointed out before, it’s important to ask a number of questions about the software before making a commitment.

Commission tracking software needs to fit the needs of your individual sales organization.

A little research will also help with the process.’s list of the best commission tracking software programs, featuring Core Commissions, is a good place to start.

To find the right fit for your organization, suggests looking at a certain set of criteria. The publication looked at commission management tools, integrations, and reporting to determine which applications met the mark.

Commission Management Tools

According to, good commission applications need a wide range of commission management functionalities. An organization needs a software that can do more than just calculate commissions. It also must be able to control commission rules and easily apply them to multiple sources of data.

Core Commissions offers a flexible and powerful commission management application to whomever handles commissions. It can handle even the most complex commission plans. Users also have the power to adjust commission plans as needed within the application.


Any commission management solution must be able to work with all your business systems. That way, an organization can easily import the data used to determine commissions. A good commission software integrates with CRMs, ERPs, and any other financial or business applications a company might use.

When it comes to Core Commissions, organizations can opt to have any upstream or downstream data source integrated. Our talented team custom builds integrations using ETL modules. Learn more about how we integrate sales commissions into existing business systems.

Reporting Tools

An important element to any commission software, commission reporting tools allow users to dig into data. Through this type of functionality, an organization reviews the efficiency of its compensation plan as well as where and how to make adjustments.

The Core Commissions application delivers robust reports, analytics, and commissions data. Administrators can view a variety of reports as well as analytics dashboards to get the big picture. They have the option to dig down into individual or team analytics as well. Meanwhile, sales representatives or agents access their own data by logging into the web sales portal.

We’re honored to be named among the top commission tracking software on’s list. Contact us or schedule a free demo and we’ll show you how we can work for your organization’s unique needs.

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