The 3 Most Important Commission Reports

by | Nov 3, 2021

Sales data used to calculate sales commissions offers some of the most accurate and pure metrics you can find. That’s because every time it gets run through commission calculations, it gets checked and rechecked. It’s the best representation of what’s happening on your sales team that you can possibly ask for.

For this reason, the data you find in your commission reports helps provide an incredibly accurate picture of sales performance. It can be used to build a wide variety of sales reports that would be beneficial for individuals across the company.

Generating sales reports with commission data offers sales teams the ability to identify ways to grow and improve.

When you develop reports in Core Commissions, you have the added benefit of adding them to your dashboard. That way every time you log into your dashboard, you’ll immediately see these reports and get a solid understanding of your team’s performance. In fact, if you’d like to start building commission reports immediately, consider subscribing to our Core Reporter package.

When considering all the ways to review the sales numbers, we recommend considering these three reports you can run.

1. Revenue Growth Report

When commissions are based on revenue earned by each salesperson or the team as a whole, those numbers are available in your commission data. It can easily be isolated and reviewed over a period of time to examine revenue growth.

Compiling this type of report will help identify times and seasons when revenue growth rates peak. It will also highlight where improvements are needed. Those insights can be useful in performance reviews, yearly or quarterly planning sessions, or just to check in occasionally on where the team stands.

If you generate this report through Core Commissions, you can narrow it down or broaden it however you choose. You may also opt to add it to your dashboard so you’ve always got an eye on it.

2. Sales Trend Report

Reviewing how sales ebb and flow over a period of time allows sales leadership to recognize when and where sales perform best. This can inform on where to set quotas and other goals. If there’s a pattern, it’ll be captured by this report as long as it covers a long enough span.

An effective sales trend report will look at a period longer than a year. If you have five years of data, that’s a good place to start. A look at all-time sales data will really give you the tools you need to identify the trends in sales. If you can get all of that into a single report, you’ll see those reliable peaks and valleys. You can also see unexpected surges or drops and dig a little deeper to identify the cause.

From the moment you begin loading data into Core Commissions, the application stores those numbers. That means that you can pull a trend report for any period of time for which you’ve been using Core. If you choose to do so, you can also add that to your dashboard so that you can check in on it every day.

3. Product Sales Report

Of course, it’s important to know which products are selling and which are falling below expectations. Commission data reveals details like this as well.

By comparing sales of individual products, which may have different costs and commission values, a sales team identifies its areas for improvement. Perhaps a product needs to be revamped or rebranded. Or a high-performing product should earn a higher priority.

This is another report that can occupy an important place on your dashboard in Core Commissions. By keeping tabs on it regularly, you can note changes in sales and quickly determine if new strategies are effective.

We’d be happy to help you determine which commission data reports would benefit your team most. Our Core Reporter package immediately allows you to start reviewing reports right off the bat. Contact us for more information or set up a free demo. We’ll walk you through how to build any commission report you may need.

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