Why Integrate Commission Software with Payroll

by | Sep 28, 2022

Commission management often happens separately from payroll. It requires a different set of numbers and stats to calculate the correct earnings for each commissionable employee. In some ways, it’s a distinct process that needs to happen at a pace that diverges from pretty much all other business processes. However, it still needs to be a part of everything a sales organization does.

The commissions that salespeople earn drive sales and ultimately revenue. It’s a key part of business operations and, in order to be effective, it needs to be done effectively, efficiently, and on time. Integrating commission software into your existing sales organization systems will ensure that this happens.

At Core, we offer a wide variety of integrations. Our application connects with CRMs, ERPs, and many other business tools. We build custom integrations for each of these connections using an ETL module (or connector module). It requires time but can be a smart choice for any business. Why? Well, let’s break down all the benefits of integrating commission software with your business systems.

Harmonize Business Operations

When you integrate commission management systems with the rest of your business operations, everything works together. It delivers full transparency throughout the organization. With these integrations, everyone who touches revenue, operations, sales, accounting, or any other aspect of the business can access commission data as needed.

What does this really mean? It means you’re generating fewer spreadsheets or CSVs that need to be imported or transferred. Meanwhile, reports cover all ends of the revenue spectrum when they incorporate commission data. Executives now get a full picture of the revenue landscape without needing to get reports from multiple different departments.

An illustration shows people performing a variety of tasks sitting on our standing near blue, green and yellow gears representing integration of commission software.

Automate Data Sync

If business systems and applications run separately, they regularly have to be synchronized manually. Someone has to make time in their schedule to check in and make sure all the systems are ingesting and generating the same data across the board. It takes up time and resources.

However, when all systems are integrated, they automatically share the same data without needing a manual sync. Payroll, commissions, and all other processes are on the same page automatically without the need for extra work.

Cut Out Additional Steps in Calculating Commissions

Typically, commission administrators must access a wide variety of data to calculate commissions. Oftentimes, this data can be located in a number of places. They may have to log in to more than a few applications, track down spreadsheets saved on various drives, or dig up notes and statements from different sources.

Since data across all systems sync automatically with an integration, commission administrators will have fewer data points to track down. While they may still need to convert statements and other hard copies, they’re still saving time on moving numbers from one app to another.

If your team needs support in converting those hard copies, consider looking into our Managed Services program. We can take all of those tasks out of your hands.

Cut Out Additional Steps in Calculating Earnings

Once data is calculated into commission earnings, it needs to be transferred into a payroll system. That’s where checks get cut and distributed. Occasionally, that process results in unexpected errors.

By automatically syncing commission calculations with payroll and other ERP systems, commission administrators cut out any chance of error in the process. It also speeds up the process overall and saves everyone time and money.

If you’d like to learn more about why it makes sense to integrate Core Commissions into your business systems, set up a demo with us today. We’ll be happy to walk you through all of it.

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