Best Sales Commission Software Tools for CRMs

by | Jul 6, 2022

Sales organizations find success in rewarding their workforce with incentives and commissions. However, to ensure this method is successful, companies turn to automation and software. Effective and easy-to-use tools like this allow businesses to pay commissions efficiently, accurately, and on time.

At Core Commissions, this is a goal we’ve worked toward since day one. Our mission is to develop tools that simplify the commission process and let teams focus on other priorities. We’d like to think we’ve done a good job of meeting this challenge and it’s always nice when someone notices. So when Serchen named us one of ‘The 4 Best Sales Commission Software Tools To Use with Your CRM’, we were thrilled.

Administrators will celebrate how easy it is to use the best commission software available to integrate with CRMs.

According to Serchen, a number of factors need to be in place to make commission software one of the best. We’ve broken down a few of those elements right here.

CRM Integration

As Serchen noted, an important step in implementing commission software is connecting it to your CRM or Customer Relationship Manager system. The Core application integrates with CRMs as well as any other upstream or downstream data source.

Through integration, administrators can keep data up-to-date with a simple sync. Real-time information about sales and compensation levels flows into the commission software without the necessity for tedious data entry.

With Core’s integration options, administrators may choose to ingest any kind of data available on your CRM or ERP. From within the application, users may view a wide variety of numbers and metrics required for commission calculation — or whatever they want to incorporate.

Capability for Nuanced Commissions

Core automates any level of commission or incentive, from the simplest rates to the most complex tiers and exceptions. Our team of implementers walks clients through setting up intricate plans and structures every day. Thanks to our advanced technology, we can easily handle whatever commission plan you’re attempting to automate.

Drag-and-drop tools provide users the ability to set up calculations in any manner needed. Spreadsheet formulas fail to provide this manner of nuance and most other software struggles to offer it as well. We’re proud to offer this flexible and powerful tool to our clients.

Simplify The Work Required

Whenever sales organizations introduce commission plans or changes to commissions, it falls on human resources, accounting, or another department to figure it out. That may translate into loads of paperwork and time. Commission software is meant to ease that barrier to entry, not add complexity to it.

Our tools are not only easy to use and learn, but they also come with dedicated implementers for Enterprise and Managed Services subscribers. Those hardworking individuals know everything about the Core application and can assist users in setting up anything they need.

Overall, our application cuts down on the work required for commission management by 85 percent immediately.

Affordable Solutions

Given the capability and complexity of our tools, Core delivers the most affordable solutions in the industry. Not only can we fully streamline your commission process better than any other option, but it also won’t even hit your wallet too hard.

Let us show you what Core, one of the best sales commission software tools in the business, can do for your team. Set up a demo with us today and we’ll walk you through all of our features.

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