Integrate Commission Management With Freshsales

by | Jul 13, 2022

A cohesive and harmonious business runs on well-integrated tools. That’s why we’ve built Core Commissions to integrate with a wide range of business applications. Most recently, we’ve ensured that our customers who use Freshsales may connect their CRM directly to their commission management.

Thanks to our integration process, Core has the ability to connect to any upstream or downstream data source. In the case of Freshsales, we’ve built an integration that allows subscribers to pull data on sales and customers, among other information.

By integrating Core Commissions with Freshsales CRM, you access powerful sales and commission management tools.

If you’re looking at creating a strong network between your CRM and commission management, here are a few reasons to consider integrating Core Commissions with Freshsales.

Track Sales and Incentivize Progress

Customers of Freshsales track deals through the entire sales process. No matter where a deal is in the pipeline, it can be analyzed and traced along every milestone. This functionality allows sales organizations to incentivize each piece of the puzzle even before a salesperson closes a deal.

With integration in Core, users may choose to pull in any level of data they require. Our implementers set up the integrations to pull from wherever clients need. If that includes tracking information for a deal in progress, we can make it happen.

Incentivizing deals as they move through the pipeline keeps salespeople chasing that closed sale. It makes them extra money but it also drives revenue for the whole company. Integrating Core with a CRM like Freshsales that has that kind of intel makes this not only possible but easy.

Share Metrics and Analytics

The Freshsales CRM gives users the power to create and maintain a wide range of reports. For instance, the data collected by Freshsales flows into charts and graphs that highlight effective sales practices.

Combine this functionality with Core Commissions’ instant reporting and analytics and sales organizations get all the details they need to finetune sales performance. Core also offers the ability to drill down into analytics and metrics by date, product, sale type, and any other category available.

Track Sales Performance In One Place

Speaking of tracking performance, this integration offers a single destination for sales progress. Access to these stats extends out to individuals on the team as well. With the flow of data from Freshsales to Core, salespeople get a peek into their own sales performance in real-time through the sales web portal.

Core allows individuals on the team, from salespeople to managers, to log in and review their own stats. By supplementing the commission data with data from Freshsales, that performance picture can cover a lot of ground not available to them normally.

When organizations provide transparent insights into sales performance for the whole team, they arm them with the info they need to succeed.

Simplify Sales and Commissions in One Click

A sync between Freshsales and Core Commissions automatically populates the required data. Administrators then have the power to calculate commissions in a single click. No matter how complex the commission rules or conditions, Core’s application handles it without issue.

The results are efficient and accurate. Your sales team will trust that their commission check will arrive promptly and without error every cycle.

We’d be happy to walk you through how a Core Commissions and Freshsales integration really works for you and your organization. Contact us to set up a demo and we’ll show you the application personally. To learn more about the integration between Core and Freshsales, visit the Freshworks Marketplace.

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