Why Does The Sales Team Need To See Commission Data?

by | Feb 17, 2021

An effective way to motivate sales teams is to show them how well they’re doing—individually and against peers. Data derived from commission management provides insights individual sales team members need to gauge their own performance. It can almost act as a compass that helps them navigate their own progress.

Sales commission data can act as a compass for sales representatives as they navigate their way to top performance.

Commission data, quota attainment, and potential payouts offer payees a reminder of what they’re working toward. Allowing your employees access to that information could be the key to motivating them to close more deals.

Why Share Data with the Sales Team?

If sales organizations choose to manage commission data behind the scenes, it can impact sales team motivation. It sends a message that your employees’ are not in control of their own success. Additionally, withholding information can demotivate teams or create a false sense of achievement or failure.

However, sales reps or agents who can access their performance data have the power to control their fate. When employees track their own progress, they determine how far they need to go and how to get there.

How To Share Sales Team Stats

Of course, providing that kind of data directly to each of your sales representatives gets tricky. Sales organizations still using spreadsheets to calculate and manage commissions can’t easily share that data with a large group. And some commission tracking tools fail to provide an option for sales teams to view their stats in real-time.

At Core Commissions, we understand how important it can be to allow sales teams to access their own data. That’s why we’ve created the sales web portal, available to Enterprise and Managed Services customers. Sales representatives log in and have the ability to look at all the data the administrator has given them access to.

It’s best to present this information in easily digestible formats, such as charts and graphs. These methods deliver the information an employee needs quickly so they can keep moving toward their quotas.

What To Show Sales Reps:

  • Sales Over Multiple Periods of Time: If a payee can review sales over a period of several months or even years, they can determine their average performance. This could help them better understand their quotas and how to reach them.
  • Sales Against Targets or Quotas: Showing a sales rep where they stand in relation to their individual goals allows them to pinpoint what they need to do to get there. This should be a key data set that any individual can view at any point during their commission cycle.
  • Competitive Sales By Region or Team: Not every sales organization likes to share information about the performance of teams with other employees. However, if an organization chooses to do so, it can help spur a little friendly competition. It may also help individuals determine how well they’re stacking up in a sales competition or incentive program.
  • On-Target Compensation and Progress: Any employee should be able to determine their on-target compensation or the wages they’ll earn if they hit their targets. Providing a chart or graph that allows them to easily digest where they stand in terms of their potential will help them plot their path forward.

We’d be happy to show you how our sales web portal works firsthand. Contact us for more info or schedule a free demo today. We look forward to working with you and further motivating your sales team.

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