How Easy Should Commission Software Be?

by | Apr 6, 2022

Commission software is designed to make your commission management process easier. It takes all those numbers and rates and calculations and then automates the results. Time saved; resources freed up. But how easy is it to actually use the software?

Most customers want an application that’s intuitive and easy to figure out. That makes sense to us, of course. We understand the desire to have something that fully processes your commissions with the click of a button. Our application aims to do that while also equipping teams with the most powerful and flexible features available.

An image of a man lounging in a pool sipping on a grapefruit cocktail and using his computer to easily calculate commissions using commission software.

When you implement commission software, you should be able to relax about commission management challenges.

In order to deliver a simplified solution to our customers, we worked hard to find the right combination of tools. Read on for all the ways Core Commissions makes your life easier.

Quick Start Proves The Concept

Before you waste time and effort on setting up a solution that may ultimately not solve the problem, test it out first. We’ve created our Quick Start program to give you that opportunity. For one low price, your team tries the system for thirty days and works with implementers for up to 10 hours.

By participating in the program, you gain the opportunity to explore how the application operates with your unique commissions. Implementers help set up your specific calculations and rates to give you an idea of whether the solution serves your team. Then, after 30 days, if it’s not the right fit, your company can walk away with no commitment required. For those who find what they need in Core, a Launch subscription immediately gives access to our powerful tools.

Our Implementers Walk You Through Training

To supplement our software, we’ve assembled a talented and supportive crew. Our implementers not only set up the application for you, but they also train you to use the tool as well. Spend a few hours with this knowledgeable group and you’ll know the application front and back.

Throughout your Enterprise or Managed Services subscription, you’ll have access to your implementer for any questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service to complement the sophisticated tools we give you.

We Handle Even the Most Complex Commissions

Hierarchical overridestiered ratessplit commissionssales accelerators — Core handles it all! All those intricate and complicated calculations that your administrator dreads every cycle, we can automate those. Once the software is set up to navigate your commission plan, this can all be handled with the click of a button.

Image of a woman sitting outside and smiling while working on her laptop.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to commission management. Our rules functionality handles unique combinations of calculations for you. In fact, we’ve built out a library of these rules that cover many of the most common ones without you needing to build it out yourself. If your team has a very unique calculation not already offered in the library, we’ll figure it out with you.

Managed Services Takes It All Off Your Hands

Finally, if your team just doesn’t want to wade through commissions every single cycle, we can do it for you. Our Managed Services program fully manages commissions for our customers or boosts an existing team. Hand over all the paperwork and data and we simplify the process by handling it for you. It’s that easy!

If you’d like to learn more about how easy Core Commissions can make your commission process, contact us. Set up a free demo and we’ll walk you through it personally.

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