Tales from Commission Administrators

by | Dec 1, 2021

Commission administrators deal with a variety of issues and roadblocks every time they manage a commission cycle. Whether they run commissions every month, every quarter, or every year, they face a few common issues. We’ve worked closely with many of these administrators to put an end to their most prevalent pain points.

Of course, over the years, we hear all kinds of stories. Here, we focus in on the ones that come up the most. Together with our clients, we developed ways to manage all of these issues.

Core Commissions’ experienced administrators help solve the biggest commission management problems.

Here are just a few of the complaints we often hear from commission administrators — and the solutions.

Errors in Excel Spreadsheets

This is a big one. Excel spreadsheets contain errors 88 percent of the time! With every new row, column, and formula added to a spreadsheet, the chance for mistakes increases. That means commission administrators who rely on spreadsheets are already starting with a pretty error-filled foundation. Mistakes will happen during the calculation process.

To avoid this issue altogether, Core Commissions cuts out the necessity for spreadsheets at all. We can even connect data sources directly to the application so that raw, clean data goes in and results in clean calculations.

Re-calculating and Re-sending Reports

When it comes to calculating commissions and generating reports, the process gets very complicated. Administrators spend hours pulling together and calculating data then populating reports with that data. Ensuring that it’s calculated correctly and without error can be a difficult task on its own. When changes come down the line after all that work has already been done, it can be frustrating.

Since Core Commissions automates both calculation and report generation, we’re already simplifying the process. If changes are required after the report is created, it can be easily adjusted. However, if the reports have already gone out, those re-calculations and revised reports need to come with a bit of communication to clear up misunderstandings with payees.

Commission administrator working on calculating commissions payments for the next payroll cycle.

Responding to and Managing Commission Disputes

When mistakes or misunderstandings happen, commission administrators often have to manage those disputes. That can become complicated since the administrator often acts as a middle man between the salesperson and management. Every time a dispute comes in, the administrator must handle it as a separate project, coordinating responses and updating the salesperson.

To solve this issue, Core Commissions offers the option of implementing a Dispute Management module. The feature not only helps the administrator keep track of the dispute and responses, but also keeps the payee informed on progress.

Coordinating Between Different Systems

When every step of the commission process is handled by a different system, that can become overwhelming. It means that every time an administrator has to run commissions, they must remember where to go for every detail. And if they have to go to a number of different sources, it can be hard to coordinate all of it.

Luckily, Core Commissions centralizes most — and sometimes all — of the commission process steps. Administrators can log into their dashboards and find everything they need to complete commissions. However, if there is an additional system needed, it can be integrated into the application.

We’d be happy to show you firsthand how we can solve all of these administrator pain points. Contact us for more information or set up a free demo today. We look forward to solving your commission management problems!

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