How Commission Software Can Ease the Labor Shortage

by | Sep 22, 2021

The current labor shortage and the Great Resignation resulted in several job vacancies across industries. Companies struggle to fill roles at all levels, from truck drivers to office workers. For one specific job organizations often scramble to staff, we have a solution: commission software.

In fact, we’ll suggest a solution that’s one step further: commission managed services. Sales organizations wrestle with the question of who should manage and administer commissions. In fact, many invest inordinate amounts of time and money into recruiting, hiring, and training individuals. That gets even more difficult in the middle of a labor shortage.

Core Commissions Managed Services can bridge the gaps companies experience during a labor shortage.

Another tricky issue with commission management is its effect on salespeople. If errors or unreliable methods prevent employees from getting paid on time, they may leave. This forces employers to restaff sales in addition to hiring a reliable commission manager.

If this resonates with your organization, you may want to consider saving all that time, money, and resources with Core Commissions Managed Services program. Here are a few reasons why.

Reliable Commission Management

The task of commission management requires hours of work stretched over a number of days. However, it’s also only required once per commission cycle. For that reason, staff hired to run commissions are doing it so infrequently that they basically have to retrain for it every time. The cycle can lead to high turnover forcing the company to once again recruit, hire, and train new staff.

By subscribing to our Managed Services, a company immediately gains a very reliable team. That team needs minimal training on the company’s unique commission structure and since they are focused on commission management day in and day out, there’s no re-training needed.

Additionally, they provide expert insights into the best methods to implement automation for each individual company’s commission plan.

Reliable Commission Software

Many companies begin managing commissions using a spreadsheet. But as the company grows, the commission spreadsheet does not scale. Not to mention, the method is incredibly susceptible to error that can be compounded as the sales team — and sales — grow.

As part of Managed Services, subscribers gain access to Core’s powerful but flexible commission software. The application allows businesses to fully automate their commission calculations — and store that information for use later. Over time, the software can easily catch and reverse errors.

Added features deliver tools such as dispute management and estimators that can tell an administrator how commissions will calculate if commission structure changes.

Reliable Commission Reporting

Without a tool to automate calculations and store data, creating reports can be even more time consuming than the calculations. It may require an individual worker to pore through multiple spreadsheets and collect data manually. This can be an exhaustive task that will eat up more resources and sometimes fuel turnover.

As an alternative, Core’s software immediately generates reports from the calculations it runs. Administrators can access this data and use it for payee reports — or for executive reports.

Managed Services subscribers can even give access to salespeople, agents, producers, or other payees to review their individual commission reports. Allowing sales to review their own stats can help retain staff among the sales team ranks as well — which is an added benefit amidst the labor shortage.

We’d be happy to walk you through all the benefits of Managed Services. Contact us for more information or schedule a free demo. We hope to speak with you soon.

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