Why You Should Let Someone Else Manage Commissions

by | Jan 12, 2021

Who do you have managing sales commissions? If your business handles this complex and often tedious task in-house, it’s probably taking up a lot of time, money, and resources you could be investing elsewhere. It might make more sense to outsource the entire job to an experienced and powerful Core Commissions team.

A lot goes into training an employee to manage commissions for a sales organization.

We’ve seen businesses spend somewhere between three full days to two solid weeks running a single commission cycle. This doesn’t include the time spent recruiting and training individuals to do the job.

Everything That Goes Into Commissions

Managing sales commissions requires an employee — or even an entire team — to execute on a number of very specific and complicated tasks. Every sales organization performs the commission cycle differently but there are several common responsibilities.

The most common commission management tasks include:

  • Convert commission reports and statements, which come in several different formats.
  • Import data from multiple sources into a single location.
  • Apply commissions rules, that can vary from employee to employee, to a number of different calculations.
  • Check and recheck results after every calculation, confirming no mistakes have been made.
  • Generate individualized reports, explaining commission calculations and results, for each and every individual on the payroll earning commissions.
  • Update details every time a commission rule is changed or a new incentive package or sales competition is employed.
  • So many other detailed and complicated tasks.

A lot goes into training an employee to not only learn basic commission functions but to also familiarize them with the specific requirements of the company’s unique commission process. Very often, employee churn among commission administrators and managers can be very high due to the complexity and demand of the job.

So rather than spend your team’s time on training, re-training, and worrying about commissions, let someone else take over for you. Our Managed Services program can take commissions off of your hands entirely.

Why Outsource Commissions?

  • Refocus Your Resources: Once commissions are no longer your team’s responsibility, they can refocus on the tasks that will actually drive revenue and sales.
  • Eliminate Errors: When you can rely on a team of experienced administrators who already know all the ins and outs of sales commissions as well as a powerful commission calculation application, you can be certain that those common errors you generally see will be eliminated.
  • Save a Ton of Time: All that time you and your team spent converting, importing, calculating, and reporting, among other commission duties, can now be redistributed to other areas — or even some time off.
  • Forget Having to Train & Retrain: Managed Services gives you a built-in commissions team. That removes the responsibility of hiring, training, and recruiting from you and your team.
  • Work with a Reliable, Experienced Team: Our administrators know what they’re doing when it comes to commission calculations and reporting. Whatever you need, when it comes to commissions, you can ask them to do it for you.

If you’d prefer to retain some control over the commission process, Managed Services may also act as a complement to your in-house commission efforts. Contact us or set up a free demo and we’ll give you the rundown on how it can work for you.

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