The Important Role Email Plays in Commission Management

by | Apr 21, 2021

Our inboxes overflow with unimportant emails. However, we’re still checking for occasional important emails — like ones that tell us how much we’re getting paid. In the case of commission management, that email is the one that tells you how much commission you’ll earn.

Every cycle, an email with a commission report drops into payees’ inboxes right on time. It gives them both the information they need to make monetary decisions as well as a sense of security. Or at least that’s the way it should be. Sending that email to every single person earning commission can get complicated.

Email is an important but often forgotten piece of the commission management process.

Email is a big part of commission management. When planning out the process of a commission cycle, the amount of time it takes to set up emails often gets forgotten. In fact, email consumes a lot of the time spent managing commissions. However, if you could send individualized emails to all payees with the click of a button, that’d save a ton of time.

The Role of Email in Commissions

In the days of commission management when administrators used an abacus to calculate payouts, statements got sent via snail mail. When email came along, it cut out all that work of printing, folding, and stuffing envelopes. Instead, commission administrators could simply email a PDF of someone’s commission statement to them. 

These days, email is standard in commission statement disbursement. However, it still requires a lot of time and resources. If done manually, an administrator still needs to develop individualized reports then email each of them to the correct recipient. Depending on how many individuals receive a statement or report, compiling those emails can take hours. That doesn’t even include the time required to circulate executive reports or other sales reports.

At Core, we’ve been working with commission managers for over 15 years. So we know the pain points of email. That’s why we’ve developed our bulk email tool.

Here’s how Core bulk email works:

  • Automatically Generate Reports: Once your data is imported into Core Commissions, it’s easy to create reports. This includes individualized reports for each person earning commission. Once you’ve got those ready to go, it makes it a little easier to get them into the right hands.
  • Create Customized Templates: Core allows administrators to develop email templates for a variety of purposes. Once built, those templates can be easily used repeatedly without additional editing.
  • Tag Specific Reports: With each new email being sent, administrators have the ability to easily attach specific reports. These tags can identify not only the type of report but the time frame the report should cover and the recipient or subject of the report.
  • Send Multiple Emails with Single Click: Instead of creating an email for each individual payee who needs to receive a statement, just send them all at once. Ultimately, Core’s bulk email tool will automatically send each individualized report to each recipient on your list. Everyone gets exactly the information they need quickly, easily, and without a lot of drudgeries.

We’d like to show you our email tool and the rest of the Core Commissions features firsthand. We’ll walk you through how it can save you time and resources to focus efforts elsewhere. Contact us to get more information or set up a free demo. We hope to speak with you soon.

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