Core Commissions Unveils Comprehensive Suite of AI-Powered Bots

by | May 8, 2024

Vancouver, WA May 8, 2024 – Leading commission automation platform, Core Commissions, has announced the launch of a full-suite of integrated AI bots designed to enhance and simplify the user experience.

Known for their proprietary rules engine, Core’s robust and agile solution automates commission plans of any complexity for enterprise businesses. By leveraging the strengths of Core’s powerful automation framework, the integration of machine learning has been transformative.

Working off the principle that bots are most effective when they are specialized to perform a specific task, Core strategically evaluated where AI could provide immediate value to customers within the solution.

Their suite of AI-powered bots include:

  • CoreBot: Core’s primary chatbot, CoreBot, works to answer questions related to how to navigate and use the Core Commissions platform.
  • RuleBot: RuleBot is capable of creating or modifying rules by transforming plain-English instructions into fully functioning rules.
  • AnalyticBot: An expert in data visualizations, AnalyticBot can design any type of report or analytic.
  • AuditBot: AuditBot is utilized to help users with auditing commission calculations by providing an audit trail of how calculations impact output.
  • QueryBot: QueryBot provides real-time insights into customer-specific data by querying all imported data and processed outputs to find an answer to a user’s question.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted our AI tools to go beyond a rudimentary chatbot,” said Kirt Phillips, CEO & Founder of Core Commissions. “Our focus has been providing robust functionality and complex problem-solving capabilities, so commission administrators felt significant relief in their everyday tasks.”

Core’s customers now benefit from the expertise of their five distinct AI-generative bots, all specially trained to perform tasks designed to alleviate administrative workloads. While each bot is specialized on an independent function, they work in concert to provide seamless transitions from one task to the next.

“Our bots are unique in that they are not only trained on Core’s system, but are knowledgeable with each customer’s individual commission plan logic,” said Kirt. “This allows our bots the ability to provide real-time insights and in-depth responses to any questions specific to a customer’s commission plan, as well as the reasoning behind how it arrived at a given conclusion.”

Core’s extensive and in-depth approach to integrating AI functionality into their platform further demonstrates Core’s customer-first mindset to ensuring their AI features provide substantial improvements to the overall user experience.

As Core’s AI tools become more ubiquitous with the user experience, customers can expect faster implementation, faster issue resolution, as well as a tangible reduction in time-spent creating rules and designing analytics.  

About Core Commissions

Founded in 2005, Core Commissions is an industry-leading commission automation platform. With nearly two decades of exposure to a wide range of complex and varied incentive compensation plans, Core’s proprietary rules engine is easily the most advanced and powerful in the industry. Intuitive and agile, rule building is simple through Core’s no-code, drag & drop graphical interface. Fully integrated with AI technology, Core’s suite of AI bots are able to convert plain-English descriptions into fully functioning rules. Users can validate results with Core’s single-view auditing to see the calculation steps behind every output.

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