Core Commissions Thrives As Organizations Continue Paying Sales Commissions

by | Aug 6, 2020

Vancouver, WA (August 5, 2020)—Core Commissions is actively seeking to grow their talented team with candidates from the Southwest Washington area. The financial technology company continues to thrive, delivering sales commission management software to sales organizations of all sizes.

Core Commissions is thriving & hiring!

Even during economic downturns, such as the one occurring now, sales organizations still need to reward and motivate their sales teams with sales commission payments. To reduce costs while  ensuring those payments continue to be  accurate, timely, and reliable, more and more businesses are recognizing that automated or outsourced commission management solutions like Core are significantly less expensive and more accurate than an internal resource juggling spreadsheets.

Core’s application provides a cost-effective and flexible application for automating commission rules of any complexity while providing sales people with instant access to reports and dashboards of payment details and performance measures. It gives even lean organizational structures the ability to concentrate resources on other revenue-driving tasks.

“As long as sales teams need to get paid, there’ll be a need for sales commission management,” says Core Commissions Founder and CEO Kirt Phillips. “Sales commission management software, like Core Commissions, frees up the organization to focus their efforts on increasing revenue by selling more.”

Currently looking to fill three immediate roles, Core Commissions asks Vancouver-area job seekers to apply. The company hopes to welcome a Senior Implementation Specialist, a Systems Implementer, and an entry or mid-level SaaS Account Executive to the organization within the next couple weeks. 

More information about Core Commissions and the full range of services offered can be found at Candidates are invited to visit Core Commissions’ jobs page to explore opportunities with the company.

About Core Commissions

Core Commissions is a pioneer in commission automation software. Since 2005, the rapidly growing financial software company specializes in powerful, intuitive, and affordable sales commission management software and incentive pay solutions. Core delivers technology that gives businesses of any size the ability to automate the process of calculating and managing complex sales commission plans.

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