Core Commissions Fast Tracks Commission Reporting with Core Reporter Package

by | May 13, 2021

VANCOUVER, WA (May 12, 2021) – Core Commissions, a leading provider of web-based commission management solutions, announced the release of Core Reporter, a solutions package that vastly improves the process of transitioning from complex spreadsheets to a fully automated solution.

By fast-tracking commission reporting as the first step, Core Reporter provides immediate and substantial labor savings as well as a clear path for phased replacement of manual spreadsheet calculations with automated commission rules. This allows customers greater control and efficiency over the implementation process.

The partnership will combine the two companies’ expertise to deliver a comprehensive experience for managing commissions and large sales agent networks.

Introduced this week, Core Reporter offers sales organizations of all sizes an immediate way to generate individualized payment reports and performance dashboards. By simply uploading data through a streamlined process, administrators can access a library of automated report and dashboard templates and designers, eliminating what is often one of the most tedious tasks of commission management: building and distributing reports every commission cycle.

The package includes web access to reports and dashboards for an organization’s sales team, a white-labeled web portal customized with a company name and logo, one-click bulk distribution of reports and dashboards, and a simplified, phased setup program for further automation of commission rules.

All new Core Reporter subscribers get started on a Quick Start program through Core Commissions. The program includes 30-days use of the system and up to ten hours of setup support, training, and data importing with an implementer who will be assigned to them. This gives subscribers a way to try Core in a real-world environment before deciding if a subscription is right for them, and at a discounted price of only $500.

“We’re excited to offer a solution to businesses where in a matter of days they can cut their commission labor in half, give their salespeople critical information through a state-of-the-art reporting portal, and layer in full automation on their own schedule and budget,” says Core Commissions founder and CEO, Kirt Phillips. “This program takes the guesswork out of moving off spreadsheets for managing commissions and pays for itself in the first month of operation.”

Pricing for this package starts at $10 per payee per month, paid annually in advance. To learn more about the Core Reporter package, visit

About Core Commissions

Core Commissions is a pioneer in commission automation software. Founded in 2005, Core provides an affordable web-based commission management solution to automate the calculation of complex sales commission and incentive pay plans. The rapidly growing financial software company’s web portal delivers salespeople a way to access their pay statements and performance dashboards. This advanced technology gives businesses of any size the ability to automate the process of calculating and managing complex sales commission plans.

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