Top Industries and Jobs That Pay Commission

by | Sep 29, 2021

Gears work spin together, representing the complexity of using commission spreadsheets

A number of jobs throughout various industries pay commissions as compensation. Typically it spurs performance for sales teams. However, this compensation method has been used for other roles as well.

At Core, we work with organizations of all kinds and help them automate their commission management. Over the years, we’ve become familiar with how commissions compensate employees across departments and for a wide range of industries.

A variety of industries compensate their workforces through sales commissions.

When you review the jobs and industries that pay commissions, it’s clear that it’s a flexible compensation method. Here are just a few of the industries that have implemented commission plans for their workforce.

Industries that pay commissions:

  • Insurance: Every time an insurance policy is sold, the insurance company providing coverage pays the agency a commission. The agent who made the sale takes a cut of that commission but other members of the team may also earn commission. For instance, support team members who support existing customers or collect leads may also earn a portion of the commission.
  • Real Estate: Often real estate agents work independently. They may represent an individual selling a home or one purchasing property. Either way, the agent receives a cut of the sale as their commission payment. The percentage may vary depending on location.
  • Recruitment: When filling a role for a client, a recruiter often takes home a percentage of the new employee’s first-year salary. Commission payments may differ depending on whether the recruiter works for a recruitment agency or for a single company.
  • Telecom: Customer service representatives in the telecom industry earn a percentage of their sales. They focus on selling new products and upselling existing customers on telecommunication products.
  • Information Technology: Organizations that provide third-party IT services to companies and organizations drive revenue through subscriptions to cloud computing, managed services, and other programs. Salespeople within the industry earn a portion of those subscription sales.
  • Construction: Within the construction industry, there are companies that design and build homes. These organizations may sell services to developers or homeowners. The salespeople involved earn commission on those sales.

Outside of these industries, there are jobs that may also earn commission regardless of industry. We’ve listed a few of those jobs here.

Jobs that earn commissions:

  • Sales Representatives: No matter what the product, a sales representative sells. Generally, they earn a portion of that sale or even a percentage of overall revenue depending on their company’s commission structure.
  • Customer Service Representatives: Typically, a customer service representative works directly with customers. To earn commission, they sell services and programs.
  • Agents: This is a role found in a variety of industries, from travel to advertising. Agents even represent clients in the entertainment industry. It’s a role that makes money through services it obtains for clients.

Whatever your organization sells and whoever is selling it, we can help you automate your commission plan. Contact us for more information or set up a free demo. We can’t wait to meet your team.

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