Are You Ready to Outsource Commission Management?

by | Jun 15, 2021

In order to grow, a sales organization must focus on driving revenue. However, as a business, it still has to deal with all the behind-the-scenes details as well. That’s why several organizations conclude they need to outsource some of those tasks, like commission management. Core Commissions offers a Managed Services program that does just that — takes commissions out of your hands.

As it grows, an organization eventually finds itself at a crossroads, trying to decide what tasks to keep in-house. If your company is considering outsourcing commission management, it might be time to determine if you’re ready for that.

Outsourcing commission management tasks allow sales organizations to refocus time and resources elsewhere.

Since we work with clients who’ve made the decision to outsource the task of commissions, we know the signs. Below are just a few clues that your organization may be ready to outsource commission management.

Tired of the Endless Commission Spreadsheets

Managing commissions through spreadsheets gets messy. Eventually, you end up with numerous spreadsheets saved on a hard drive or possibly on a Dropbox or Google Drive. No matter where you’ve saved it, a spreadsheet is not an easy platform to share with salespeople, sales managers, or executives looking for data. In fact, it’s not even a format you’d want to share.

More than likely a commission manager or administrator would need to pore through all of those spreadsheets to build reports. Individual reports for each payee could take days to create and given the high rate of errors found in most spreadsheets, it’s very likely those reports will be inaccurate.

When a sales organization grows to a size where this mess of spreadsheets is no longer scalable, it’s time to outsource. Even if it’s not a size thing and perhaps the business simply wants to ditch spreadsheets, it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing.

Struggling to Balance Commissions with Other Administrative Tasks

If a company discovers that its staff is no longer able to easily balance all administrative tasks and stay on top of commissions, it may be time to outsource. This especially happens with small, agile teams. When small businesses want to focus on driving revenue and keep all of their team members aimed at that, handing commission management over makes sense.

Even larger organizations may recognize that having a dedicated commission management team in-house may not make a lot of sense. If they can entrust a third party with overseeing and expertly managing that task while also saving time, money, and resources, that’s a better option.

Considering Expanding Your Commission Management Team

When a sales organization finds that they may have to extend the commission management team on the payroll, they may consider contracting a management service instead. As we mentioned above, the benefits of outsourcing often outweigh the reasons for keeping the task in-house.

Hearing Repeated Questions from Sales About Commissions

If questions from sales representatives, agents, or other payees have increased over time, it may be a sign that commissions are not being handled well. This may spark an organization to consider restructuring how commissions are managed. However, upon further review, the team might recognize that a contracted team of experts might be better equipped to handle the job.

If you recognize any or all of the signs above, it may be time for you to outsource your commission management. Core Commissions can walk you through the process. Contact us and we’ll send you more info or set up a free demo with us so we can walk you through it personally. We look forward to taking commissions out of your hands.

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