What to Expect from Commission Software Implementation & Why it’s Worth It

by | Jul 17, 2023

A study conducted by Gartner found that approximately 70% of businesses plan to spend more on technology and software in 2023. This data indicates that organizations are becoming more dependent on software as a way to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

The right software can be one of the most valuable and important aspects involved in streamlining an organization’s operations, including commission management software. Investing in commission management software can make a huge impact to your bottom line by reducing tedious and redundant tasks so that your team can reallocate their efforts toward more meaningful work.

Common Concerns with Adopting New Software

When you’re in the market for a new commission management software, there are a lot of elements involved in the initial implementation that can be overwhelming or daunting for businesses. While there is merit for these concerns – implementing new software often does require a lot of work upfront, can be more costly due to initial setup, and employees will need to be trained on the system – the overall benefits surely outweigh these as it can ultimately make your business more productive and profitable in the long-run.

Think of the long-term gains that will come with automating the most tedious everyday tasks that your team handles with accuracy. Less labor and error-free data means less costs for your business, making all of the initial work upfront worth it.

Illustration of an administrator implementing commission management software.

Core’s Approach to Implementation

Core’s implementation process starts with our low-cost, proof-of-concept program, Quick Start. This program includes ten hours of data collection, rule building, report configuration, and system training. To make the most of this program, we encourage businesses to give us the most difficult and complicated aspects of their commission plan upfront, so we can prove what our system is capable of as well as ensure that our application will satisfy the needs of the business.

After our team completes the initial configuration, administrators are given the opportunity to log into the system and test the full-suite of Core’s features with their unique commission rules, reports, and real data for 30 days. As administrators get accustomed to the system, Core’s implementers are available to help with any questions or concerns to make this introductory and learning period as seamless as possible.

Once the 30-day trial period concludes, we confer with our clients to gain feedback on how the system is working and if any adjustments are needed in order to meet their organization’s requirements. There are no obligations to clients enrolled in the Quick Start program, so at the end of the trial period, the client is also able to make the decision whether or not to proceed with Core without any unneeded pressure.  

Core’s next step after the trial period is to complete a thorough and comprehensive system setup customized for the individual client’s unique commission management processes. The actual extent of this additional setup depends on how many payees the client has, how complex the commission structure is, and the types of features required. However, to ensure that we fully capture all of the requirements needed by clients, Core works to maintain consistent communication and feedback with the client in order to make adjustments and tweaks to get the system working exactly how the client needs it to.

Take the Plunge with Commission Management Software

When it comes to commission management software, it’s worth it to take the plunge and implement it into your everyday operational processes. The benefits of increased productivity, reduced costs, and error-free data make it clear how necessary commission management software can be to your organization’s operations, especially in the long-term.

Purchase a Quick Start to get started or schedule a demo to see firsthand the full-suite of features available with Core Commissions.

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