5 Tips for Boosting Your Sales Team’s Closing Ratio

by | Jul 31, 2023

When evaluating your sales team’s performance, there are several commonly used metrics used to gauge the success of their sales efforts. One of these key metrics used is called a closing ratio and it can provide valuable insights into how well your sales team is doing as well as what products generate the most sales.

In order for your sales team to reach an optimal closing ratio, it requires a combination of support, motivation, and strategic prospecting.

What is a Closing Ratio?

A closing ratio is a metric used to compare the number of sales deals closed to the number of prospective customers engaged with.

Standards for closing ratios can vary across industries and there may be many variables out of a sales reps’ control that could impact their ratio. It depends on what type of product is being sold, the lead quality, and how much time is spent nurturing each prospect. In some cases, like real estate for example, customers will consider many options before actually signing on the dotted line. During this period where the agent is regularly involved with the prospect, but has yet to make a sale, their closing ratio will be negatively affected until the sale is made.  

However, it can still be a valuable metric to monitor for your team as it can help evaluate the performance of your sales rep, understand which products generate the most interest, and can be used to help strategize future sales tactics.

How is Closing Ratio Calculated?

To calculate your sales rep’s closing ratio, take the number of deals closed divided by the number of sales opportunities or prospects met with.

Deals Closed / Sales Opportunities = Close Ratio

For example, say your sales rep met with 100 prospects during the first quarter and out of those 100 sales opportunities, they closed 37 deals. That sales rep’s closing ratio for that time period would be 37%.

Ex: 37 sales deals / 100 sales opportunities = 37%

A sales rep’s closing ratio can have ebbs and flows depending on the season and the type of product they are selling, so it’s important to consider the time period for your analysis. To get a more accurate picture for your sales rep’s performance, look at their closing ratio over several periods. You will gain more insight by tracking time-specific sales trends when you have a bigger picture of their overall sales performance. 

Sales rep shakes hand of prospective customer as they close the deal of the sale.

Tips for Boosting Closing Rates Among Your Sales Team

  1.     Give Your Reps Visibility to Their Sales Data

This should be the easiest step for your organization – give your sales reps visibility to their sales data. It is important that sales reps are able to see their prospect data, sales data, and performance trends. When reps are able to see their sales data in real time, it can be an effective tool for motivating them to close more deals. And more importantly, it can also encourage strategic behavior among your team. Seeing the black and white of their sales efforts can offer introspection and allow your team to focus their efforts on opportunities that may be more fruitful, which can help boost their close ratios.

  1.     Enhance Your Sales Enablement Efforts

In order to succeed, your team needs to have the appropriate resources and support, which is why sales enablement has been a growing facet for many organizations. Sales teams benefit from being fully equipped with quality prospects, collateral, knowledge and information, and other valuable tools that are often included in sales enablement efforts. Having these resources readily available will help increase closing rates for your entire sales team. When your reps have the resources they need, they can sell your products or services to customers more efficiently and effectively. 

  1.     Encourage Peer-to-Peer Coaching

If you notice that certain sales reps are affected by low closing ratios, it may be beneficial to try pairing new or struggling team members with more experienced reps. Knowledge sharing tactics encourage growth among team members and can instill new confidence in lower-performers to reach and exceed sales goals. This collaborative approach allows reps to improve their skills by learning from each other, which increases the amount of deals the team can collectively close.

  1.     Use Sales Data to Identify Areas for Improvement

There are many situations where a closing ratio goes beyond your sales rep’s control. In these scenarios, a low closing ratio may indicate that a product or service is no longer generating interest from your customers, or perhaps there are bottlenecks in the sales process that frustrate customers enough to withdraw from the deal. Whatever the case may be, analyzing your sales data will help you isolate these issues and lead to more efficient sales strategies, consequently, increasing closing ratios.

  1.     Maintain Consistent Communication With Your Sales Team.

To maintain motivation and fully understand the efforts of your sales team, it’s essential to foster a system of regular communication with your sales reps. It benefits the entire team when your reps are confident and comfortable speaking about any potential issues that they are facing, so you can identify solutions. Promoting a culture of openness and sharing allows your reps to work together to overcome obstacles that your entire team may be facing, which will help increase your sales.

Utilize Commission Software to Increase Your Closing Ratio

A closing ratio is one of many metrics that can show you how well your team is performing. Looking at each metric individually will only give you a piece of the puzzle, so it is vital to have a solution where you can see all of these pieces come together.

Commission software allows you to see the whole picture, by giving you all pertinent sales data in an easily accessible format. These analytics can help you identify areas for improvement and enable your team to meet their sales goals.

Contact us or schedule a demo so we can show you firsthand how Core can provide you the insights needed to help improve your team’s closing ratio.

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