Streamline Insurance Commission Calculations

by | Apr 8, 2020

Are you dreading the third week of every month? That’s when you finally hunt down carrier statements from a bunch of different sources. Then you calculate commissions based on an endless list of percentages. Finally, you build reports for each and every insurance agent who gets a cut and send email after email well after everyone else has gone home. It’s painful and frustrating. But it’s gotta get done so you can keep your agents motivated.

We’ve got something to tell you and it’s going to blow your mind. Ready? Calculating insurance commissions doesn’t have to be painful. Boom! 

We get it. It’s how insurance commission calculations have always been done. Spreadsheets and tedious data entry and hours poring over numbers. It starts with navigating that pile of reports from carriers, all in different formats from paper to PDF. Add to that the twists and turns of complex commission rules and generating report after report. It makes an already daunting task even more frustrating. You know as well as we do that all of that tediousness and frustration can burn out even the best commission administrators in no time.

The right tools will save you and your commission administrator’s sanity. They can also decrease the amount of time spent on this task, prevent errors in calculations, and automatically generate individualized reports. A single click of a button will email those reports directly to all of your agents. All of this can be achieved with Core Commissions Managed Services.

What do you get with our Managed Services?

  • Report conversion: We can take the paper reports, the CSVs, the PDFs, and whatever else you’re getting from carriers and convert those into files Core can read and calculate for you.
  • Powerful rules engine: Bring on your most complex commission rules. Core calculates all combinations of commission structures, hierarchical commissions, split commissions, bonuses, and occasional incentives.
  • Dedicated administrators: Our experienced implementers will get you set up and provide guidance in keeping your commission rules up-to-date and accurate. 
  • Automatically generate and email individualized reports: Once you’re all set up, you can process commissions with a single click then send individualized commissions reports to all of your agents with another click.

Once you’ve simplified your commissions, that third week of the month isn’t as scary anymore. You and your team can focus on premiums and policies and less on spreadsheets. 

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