Core Commissions Saves Time And Money For Sales Teams of All Sizes

by | May 12, 2020

Vancouver, WA (May 7, 2020)—Core Commissions, a leading provider of commission management software, announced that they’ve expanded their managed services program to provide additional cost-effective alternatives to commission administration, helping businesses of all sizes navigate a more remote future and a predicted post-pandemic recession.

The shift away from processing commission calculations in-house has accelerated this year as more organizations transition to remote work structures. Companies are looking for better ways to accurately and successfully pay commissions without the hassle and headache of endless spreadsheets. Saving time and money is a top priority. Outsourcing is consistently less expensive when considering employee labor costs, training, and potential replacement factors. Additionally, employees and salespeople demand transparency about their compensation as they maintain their own financial security.

Our managed services subscription will achieve this result for a lower overall cost than using internal resources.

With over 15 years of experience in commission processing, the team at Core Commissions has built the software that will immediately address these evolving needs. Core Commissions fully automates commission calculations. Payees can also access the sales portal at any time during the cycle to review their progress toward sales goals.

“We’re proud to support businesses of all sizes looking for cost-effective ways to save resources and avoid the headache of commission calculations,” says Core Commissions Founder and CEO Kirt Phillips. “Over the last decade, organizations outsourced payroll services and are now seeking to do the same with commission administration. Our managed services subscription will achieve this result for a lower overall cost than using internal resources.”

With Core Commissions managed services, experienced implementers will comprehensively automate a company’s compensation plan, provide direct customer support, and take the tedious task of commission calculation and report generation off their employees’ hands. The software can manage the tasks a commission administrator would normally do and do it completely remotely. It eliminates the need for hiring and training for a role that generally sees high turnover. 

More information about Core Commissions and the full range of services offered can be found at

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