Every Managed Services Client is Unique

by | Aug 3, 2021

When it comes to commission management, cycles, and processes, every sales organization has different needs. Even within organizations, there can be variations in how commissions are paid out and how. That’s why every new Core Commissions Managed Services subscriber gets a full assessment of their needs.


Every Core Commissions Managed Services client has distinct needs which is why we treat each of them uniquely.

Our Managed Services Team Works in Different Ways.

In the case of some companies, our experienced team of commission administrators provides support to existing personnel. We fill in the service gaps or ease up bottlenecks preventing your organization from effectively or efficiently managing commissions.

For other companies, our administrators completely replace the need for any in-house commission staff. We have the capacity to take on all of an organization’s commission tasks if that’s what’s needed.

To make a determination about what’s needed in every individual case, Core performs a thorough evaluation of each new subscriber. It’s also an opportunity for us to get to know our clients and learn where we can really assist them.

The Managed Services Evaluation Includes:

  • Reviewing Tasks: We take a thorough look at every task performed in the organization’s unique commission process. Based on our experience and the needs of the client, we then determine which tasks are best served by internal staff or through outsourcing.
  • Efficiency Gaps: Every Managed Services subscriber has access to our full suite of solutions. But we take a closer look at every case to ensure that we implement those features that will best serve the organization and its commission management.
  • Data Imports: One of the biggest variables in commission management is where the data comes from. In some cases, we can set up an integration to automatically process the data. Other times, we need to work with the organization to get statements, Excel sheets, or other documents in order to process the data. That comes into play as we determine how best we can work with any new subscriber.
  • Data Distribution: On the other side of that, we need to build a solid plan for who and how commission data gets distributed. For instance, will each payee receive a statement via email or will they instead have access to our Core web portal? The answer to that question may be different for every business.
  • Audits and Data Validation: In the process of importing and distributing data, we’ll likely need to validate data and audit it for accuracy. To establish how to do that, we’ll search for possible errors that could impact results then develop methods for correcting them.
  • Reports Needed: In order to meet the needs of an organization, we look at what reports will work best. It’s possible we’ll need to build custom reports for this purpose but we have an existing library of reports as well.
  • Hours Required: Based on the information we collect during the evaluation, we can estimate how many hours we’ll need per month. We’ll include that estimate in the scope of work we create.

What Happens After the Evaluation?

Once we’ve completed the evaluation, we create a unique proposal. From there, we move on to a trial period that lasts at least two months at a predetermined cost. Generally, we start every client on our Quick Start program which includes up to 10 hours of setup and 30-days use of the system for $500.

After the trial ends, we review the work with our client to make adjustments if needed. At the end of the day, the package is custom-built for your one-of-a-kind needs.

We’d be happy to walk you through how our Managed Services program can help support your commission management. Contact us for more info or set up a free demo. We look forward to working with you.

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