Measuring Commission Software Return on Investment (ROI)

by | Apr 3, 2019

Do long hours really return less value?

Let us look at a situation with “Becky “, a commissions administrator for a telecommunications company. For the better part of the month Becky is able to keep up a steady pace with her workload. However, when the end of the month rolls around and staff rush to enter in all of their sales, Becky struggles to get all the data entered into her spreadsheets, check for errors, calculate commissions, as well as generate and send reports before the payroll deadline. She ends up working long hours and loses the balance in her life between work and leisure and each month she thinks a little harder about updating her resume.

According to an article written by Harvard Health Publishing, researchers from University College London found that “those who worked more than 55 hours per week had a 13% greater risk of a heart attack, and were 33% more likely to suffer a stroke, compared with those who worked 35-40 hours per week.” Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, Becky begins to cut corners and the quality of her performance drops. Becky’s boss “Rob” is also concerned that if this keeps up, he is going to have to hire a new commissions administrator. This is a last resort for Rob and he is starting to realize that the true cost of running the commission process manually could include the cost of finding, hiring, and training a new employee if he has to replace Becky, along with all the risk that entails. Not to mention the overtime pay he is incurring now.

Rob is considering implementing a commission software system to aid Becky with her workload, reduce her overtime and avoid having to hire a new employee. An automated solution like Core Commissions typically reduces manual labor by 60 to 85 percent, decreases potential error, and gives a wealth of tools he doesn’t have now like historical data at his fingertips, trended performance metrics, and key sales measures. He thinks a sales commission software seems like a good long-term solution that would give Becky back her freedom and take the pressure off of Rob to start looking for a replacement.

However, Rob isn’t quite sold on the idea yet. He knows that setting up a new commissions management system can take time, and time is money. Becky will have to learn how the new commission software works, and Rob is concerned that the costs of the new commission software could be the same if not more than what he is currently paying Becky in overtime.

Core Commissions has a free ROI tool for people like Rob that will let him enter in information regarding his commission cycle and compare what he is spending now to the cost and savings of an automated solution. Core also has a special program for setup and training which walks commission administrators through each step so that they are able to quickly process incentive pay including importing data from other applications, relating information across multiple sources, applying rules criteria and distributing reports and analytics.

Core Commissions has a free ROI tool for people like Rob that will let him enter in information regarding his commission cycle and compare what he is spending now to the cost and savings of an automated solution.

Put your employees’ anxieties at ease by giving them the tools they need to complete their critical payroll tasks stress free. An automated commission tracking software like Core Commissions allows administrators like Becky to stay on top of their workload and catch mistakes before they are made, giving sales people confidence in their commissions and companies a leg up on their competition.

Contact us to get a free copy of the Core Commissions pay ROI calculator or schedule a demo to find out even more details about switching to an automated commission management software and any discounts or special programs you may be eligible for.

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