Toss Commission Spreadsheets!

Switching from error-prone commission spreadsheets saves sales organizations time, money, and resources.

Core Commissions offers commission software that eliminates mistakes and allows administrators to easily audit and review calculations. It’s a more effective, efficient, and accurate way to manage and track commissions. Let us prove it to you!

What’s Wrong with Spreadsheets?

  • 88% of spreadsheets contain errors.
  • Endless commission tracking spreadsheets complicate audits.
  • Time, money, and resources lost to spreadsheet management.
  • Core Commissions solves all of these issues.


Why Core Commissions?

  • Easy-to-use tools allow for easy commission structure setup.
  • Sales Web Portal & other features offer increased transparency.
  • Automated Auditing increases visibility into all calculations.
  • Dispute Management simplifies commission dispute process.


Let Us Prove It!

Purchase our Quick Start program to try out the program with no additional commitment required. It includes:

  • Up to 10 hours of implementation.
  • Custom report and dashboard setup.
  • 30-days trial to use the application.
  • Much more for a low price of just $500.


Much easier to navigate than google and excel sheets! Ideal to track for accounting and finance without glitches or complicated formulas to format.

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