Complex Commissions
Made Simple.

From building, to calculating and
reporting- Core makes commissions easy.

Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Incentive pay plans are complex. From commission to bonuses, splits and draws. Trying to build spreadsheets that can compute everything requires an expert, but with our building block technology- any administrator can build and test each step with ease.

Building plans with Core

1-click to process all your commissions.

Say goodbye to manual calculations and spreadsheets. Once your plan is built within Core’s platform, you can generate all you commissions in one place with just one click!

1-click calculations

Dashboards and reports for your entire team.

Create dashboards for your sales staff, reports for your managers and eliminate the need for your finance team to send out one more report at their request.

Reports and Analytics

Integrate all your business systems.

From your accounting apps, to ERP, CRM and more. Core’s connector module allows you to pull all of your information into one place and automatically calculate commissions.

All your data in one place

All your data is secure.

Detail about security here.

Ensure your security

Calculate your ROI

Still not sure if Core Commissions is going to save you time and money when it comes to managing your commission and bonus calculations? Use our ROI calculator to determine just how effective commission managemet software can be!

Calculate your return


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From your accounting apps, to CRM, ERP and more.
Core's connector module allows you to pull all of your
information into one place and automatically calculate commissions.
All your data in one place

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We were using Excel Spreadsheets and a Google Sheets system prior to working with Core Commissions. The transactions were even more complex because relationships can change over time, and often times the payments for any given month were delayed by 30-45 days. Core Commissions is easy to use and the support team has been fantastic. Our initial launch process was smooth and easy to facilitate. Even more importantly though, we have been using this for over 3-years now. They have also spent time understanding my requirements as they continue to upgrade the system.


The quality of product is extremely strong. My agents and I love it. After some extensive training, I have been left with a good feel for navigating the system. Customer service is awesome. Although there is functionality that I am not currently using, I believe Core can provide whatever I need. Again, leads back to excellent customer service.
This is great software and I would recommend it to anyone.

DavidParagon Dealer Services

We have been using the Core Commission system since 2013 and couldn’t be happier! We have roughly 20 different commission structures for our sales staff and were unable to find a commission system that could accommodate all of them. Then we found Core Commissions and they far exceeded our expectations! The system is straightforward and easy to use. It has great reporting and analysis capabilities as well, allowing us to see trends easily at the sales rep as well as a company level. Kirt and his team are great to work with and I feel they are a part of our team. I can’t imagine doing this job without them!

NancyWestern Resources Title

Core Commission is an excellent tool for pulling disparate information together to generate meaningful reports. We use Core weekly to determine payment for all sales reps (wages, OT, commisisons, clawbacks, bonuses and more). Without it, this process would be incredibly cumbersome.

PresidentOnline Sales