Asked Questions

Core Commissions simplifies sales commission management with powerful but flexible commission software. Learn more about what Core can do for you by exploring our frequently asked questions below.

What does Core Commissions do?

Core provides affordable sales commission management software that handles even the most complex commission structures and rules. The comprehensive application can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, fully automate your sales commission process, generate reports and analytics with the click of a button, reduce the commission administrator’s workload by up to 85%, and eliminate errors. Our team of experienced and supportive implementers work directly with companies to give them the foundation they need to run the Core system. With a variety of packages to choose from, sales organizations of all sizes can select the right fit for their needs with Core.

My company’s commission and bonus plans are fairly complex. Can Core handle unique, complicated plans?

Our proprietary Building Block method breaks down even the most complex sales commission rules into individual, manageable steps that are then integrated into a single process. This approach, unique to Core, gives anyone, including non-technical administrators, the power to build and manage complex rules without the need for custom programming.

Can Core track overrides received and an agent's production, as well as commissions on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis?

All aspects of incentive management are supported in the Core application, including:

  • hierarchy overrides
  • splits
  • team pools
  • accelerators
  • bonuses
  • chargebacks
  • floors and ceilings
  • ramped targets

Core tracks and stores data associating people, organizations, and activity according to a number of user-specified fields and configurations. The application also accommodates an unlimited number of commission cycles and payment schedules. Any cycle period can be defined and tracked easily, and multiple cycles can be run concurrently.

Can I calculate tiered and split commissions between territories using Core?

Splits, overrides, bonuses, quotas, accelerators, floors, ceilings, chargebacks, ramped targets, and tiered commissions over multiple territories are just a few of the features Core supports.

Can I import my data directly from an Excel or CSV file?

Yes. Core comes standard with import and export capabilities in Excel or CSV file formats. The application also integrates with almost any upstream or downstream data source. Users have the ability to perform real-time record audits, allowing them to catch any errors during the import process so you never have to worry about bad data in the system.

What type of training is provided if I purchase a Core system?

Training and full documentation is provided at various levels of support to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. A trouble ticket system and knowledge base are available online, as well as live technicians to assist with client questions.

How quickly can I be up and running on a Core application?

Client deployment time can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of your plan requirements. For a moderately sized plan of 2-3 data sources and 10-12 unique payment components, implementation usually takes about two weeks factoring in time for auditing results and making any needed corrections.

Can Core integrate with Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, or Salesforce?

Yes. Thanks to our in-house ETL modules, Core can integrate with any upstream or downstream data source. That includes most CRMs, ERPs, financial, and business management applications. In fact, as a development partner of the platform, we can offer full integration into the platform.

Integration into popular financial management and CRM applications is a common request. However, because each client has different requirements (security, timing, individual fields, etc..), we typically quote this integration separately.

Click here for more information on Core integrations.

What type of reporting capability does Core provide?

Our flexible web-based reporting module, custom report designer, interactive “drag & drop” analytics, and dashboard module offer easy options for building both individualized and executive commission reports that can be accessed by payees or executives as needed. A bulk email distribution engine allows you to send out multiple reports featuring individualized information with a single button click.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. We can evaluate your individual requirements and provide you pricing options, including volume discounts.

How can I try out the application and see if it works for me?

Our Quick Start program is a great way to do a ‘proof-of-concept’ effort with Core to demonstrate our capabilities. The program includes 10 hours of setup, report and analytics building, online training sessions on using Core, as well as 30 days of system use. There is no further obligation if you decide not to go forward.

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I still have more questions. How can I get additional information about Core Commissions sales commission management software?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our application. Click here to request more info and submit your questions or schedule a free demo and we can walk you through how Core can work for you.