TRU Staffing Partners Get Accurate Results With Core Commissions

TRU Staffing Partners, Inc. is a rapidly growing, award-winning executive search and recruiting firm with a large network of clients, including many internationally recognized brands. They’ve specialized in staffing and recruiting for privacy, cybersecurity, and eDiscovery for more than 13 years, and provide their clients with options for contract staffing, executive search, and direct hires. As recognition for their industry success, TRU has been included in the Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Company List four times.

Working as both the chief financial officer (CFO) & chief operating officer (COO) for TRU, Andrew Brody juggles many tasks related to the business’s finances and general operations, making his time extremely valuable and limited. Faced with the ongoing and time-consuming challenge of managing his company’s fast-growing sales operations on spreadsheets, Andrew decided to seek an automated solution for calculating sales compensation.

When considering sales compensation solutions, Andrew looked at several different software options. He eventually found Core Commissions and was immediately drawn into the built-in customer support options that Core provides.

“The folks that I have worked with have been incredibly responsive and so helpful,” said Andrew. “It’s very meaningful to me because it saves me at least a day’s worth of work every month, plus an extra day at the end of each quarter.”

“Overall, I estimate it saves me at least 16 days of work or more every year.”

While the support has been a crucial element for Andrew, he is delighted by the reports and dashboards available on the system. With the help of Core’s implementers, he has been able to customize his dashboards to show all his production data on one screen, which can be filtered as needed by recruiter, industry, company, and employment type. In addition to supporting the financial operations of the business, Andrew utilizes this data when it comes time for employee reviews.   

“There’s double-justification,” Andrew said when advocating for the purchase of Core’s software. “Time saved – that’s the easy one – but not just time, accuracy. There’s a lot of human error when taking data from our ATS [applicant tracking system], putting it in spreadsheets, and then manipulating the data.”

“Core’s system forces us to have accurate information.”

After implementing Core, TRU Staffing Partners, Inc. noticed the benefits of the software immediately. Since subscribing to Core, they have drastically cut their time processing sales data, are more confident than ever that their commission outputs are accurate, and have enhanced support that they can rely on whenever they have concerns or questions about the process. Instead of the tedious and time-consuming chore that it used to be, commission management has become completely automated, efficient, and streamlined for Andrew and his team.

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