Case Study: Quardev, Inc. Automates with Core Commissions

Spreadsheets generate errors and further complicate the already complex task of commission management. In 2019, Core Commissions helped Quardev transition from spreadsheets to a more automated method.

This case study explores how Quardev improved its commission management process with Core Commissions’ powerful and flexible application.


Based in Seattle, Washington, Quardev specializes in supporting the full software life-cycle with deep roots in Quality Assurance and Testing. Serving clients in education, transportation, automotive, healthcare, and retail, the company also supports clients with developers, project management, and content development.

Core Commissions transitioned Quardev’s commission management process from manual spreadsheets to automated tools.

In terms of sales, Quardev provides in-house managed projects, IT staffing, and recruitment support. The organization pays commissions on receivables based on gross commission. Rates are determined by the position of the seller.

Seven employees at Quardev earn commissions while three individuals manage the commission process. Of those three people, one oversees the bulk of the work, creating reports and maintaining operations. The other two perform related tasks behind the scenes from the accounting and invoicing departments.

Commission Management Challenges

Before implementing Core Commissions, Quardev ran and maintained commission data through Excel spreadsheets. That method resulted in increased complexity when it came to calculations and generating commission reports.

Transition to Core Commissions

In June of 2019, Quardev initiated the process of transitioning commission management to the Core Commissions application.

Since the changeover, the company has employed several Core Commissions features, such as the assign tool that designates payees and other rates. Quardev also implemented an ETL module to break up semi-monthly invoices into different data sources depending on whether their deposit date, invoice date, or due date fall within a certain period.

As for reports, Core Commissions created both standard summary and transaction reports. Quardev also generates a report that tracks all transactions and commissions YTD for agents. This allows them to track their sales over the year and see their expected commissions. Agents can access their own reports using the online sales portal.


By using Core Commissions to manage commissions, Quardev has significantly cut down on the time and resources it takes to get the job done. The application has allowed the company to speed up the entire process, including calculations and reporting. Recently, the organization completed an entire commission cycle in just 15 minutes.

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