NetWolves Cuts Commission Processes From 15 Days to Three Hours Thanks to Core

Founded in 1998, NetWolves is a global telecommunications and internet Managed Network Provider that offers businesses a single-source solution for their network and technology needs. Their service offerings are comprehensive and include managing network infrastructure, dedicated support, regular maintenance, robust security, and enhanced performance. Their efficient and cost-effective multi-network multi-technology approach gives customers a wrap-around solution to ensure their organization’s network infrastructure runs smoothly and is properly protected.

As an expanding multi-faceted organization, NetWolves has three separate primary books of business, all of which have their own separate payees, commission rates, pay structures, and processing cycles. The complexity of keeping track of the varying areas of their business as well as ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of payments, made processing commission cycles for their payees an absolute headache.

“When we first implemented Core, we had a person that handled commissions full-time,” said Eric Hertel, Senior Systems Administrator at NetWolves. “That person is no longer here and the reason for that is because of what Core brought to the table.”

Prior to Core, the entire process for calculating commissions was managed in excel and involved poring through over 30,000 lines of data every month. On top of that, their administrator was responsible for manually creating reports to show their reps the details of their payments as well as comparison breakdowns of their previous statements.

The amount of time and the underlying costs associated with having one person analyze and process these three separate books of business was not realistic and became unsustainable. After implementing Core, the efficiencies that the platform provided made it unnecessary to have a team member entirely devoted to commission management tasks.

“Core allowed us to manage commissions faster and moved commissions from a job responsibility to a task,” said Eric.

“We went from taking maybe 10-15 days to process and analyze [commissions], to doing it in about three hours.”

Aside from automating NetWolves’ commission management processes, while working with Core, it became apparent to Eric’s team that their internal processes were far too complicated and could be easily simplified. Through collaboration and constructive feedback, Core played an instrumental role in guiding NetWolves toward solutions that would streamline their tedious and somewhat convoluted workflows.

“The implementer assigned to us has been an absolute blessing because she’s so smart. She is the best person that I’ve worked with on this type of project in a long time,” said Eric. “I enjoy working with them because they are always three steps ahead of me.”

Eric has been using Core for nearly two years now and is confident navigating around Core’s system, even building rules and dashboards on his own through Core’s drag and drop graphical interface. Of course, there are still situations where he needs extra support, but he is quickly able to find solutions by perusing Core’s online knowledge base or by simply sending a request to his implementer to verify the correct steps needed – to which he always gets a prompt reply.

Eric was involved in the transition to Core Commissions from the very beginning. In fact, he advocated strongly for the software. 

“I went to my management team and I was like, this is an awesome tool. This is how much we can save. This is how much more efficient we can become. I think that this is a no brainer and it was that easy,” said Eric.

Seeing the transformation in how much time and money his company has saved processing commissions has convinced Eric just how valuable Core has become in managing his company’s commissions.

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