Case Study: Western Resources Title Goes from Manual to Automated Commissions

Based in Orange County, California, Western Resources Title delivers title and escrow services but also partners with agents to help them build their businesses. The company guides clients through every step of the process, delivering personalized service. However, the company also works closely with agents and lenders to help them find success and increase their client base while also offering that same personalized service.

In 2014, Western Resources Title became a Core Commissions partner with the goal of simplifying the increasingly complex commission process that the company managed. We assisted them and helped them streamline their commission management. Here’s how.

Location: California

Company Name: Western Resources Title

How many earn commissions: >100

Hand points to network of automated tasks, such as automated commission management, represented by a computer with robotic arms in a circle.

Incentive Management Challenge

Manual compilation of a wide variety of reports for several incentive groups.

Here’s How Core Commissions Improved the Process

• Reduced labor for report distribution by 85%.
• Provided visibility into regional performance metrics.

Continued Efforts to Improve Commissions

• Consolidated 14 data sources into one central database.
• Virtually eliminated recurring commission payment errors.
• Chargebacks able to be handled in a timely manner with accurate documentation.
• Accurate real-time performance metrics now available by product, location and sales channel.
• Ongoing plan changes quickly implemented.
• Exception plans automated.
• Complaints by sales staff regarding inaccurate payments greatly reduced.
• Created multistage payments; commissions released in 3 increments over time with reconciliation in the final payment.
• Dashboards and reports provided to sales including pending commissions in various states of activity.
• Payment errors identified; complaints of inaccuracy reduced.
• Compilation of information and processing time reduced approximately 60% with automation of the commission system. Overtime required by the principal administrator to produce commission reports was eliminated.
• Payment errors identified; sales team complaints of inaccuracy reduced by approximately 85%.
• Chargebacks automated.
• Bulk report distribution with a single button click.
• Performance reports quickly generated by region, salesperson and product.
• Plan exceptions and changes quickly rolled into the system.
• Records consolidated into one location; names, positions and regions standardized. (Names had often been entered into the system multiple times with different spellings, positions or territories causing inaccurate payments).
• Reports generated providing a single source of company-wide performance measures.
• Monthly incentive plan automated and processing time reduced by over 50%.
• Workflow capability implemented and clear system for management overrides put into place.
• Annual bonus plans automated.
• Reduced labor for report distribution by 85%.
• Provided visibility into regional performance metrics.
• Significantly decreased time required to meet payroll deadlines.
• Web-based dashboards, reports and analytics created for the entire payee base.
• Allowed the company to identify higher margin activity and adjust incentives accordingly.
• Reduced processing time by 65%.
• Improved reporting and business analytics.
• Significant reduction in policy assignment errors.
• 100% output match to carrier statements

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