IT Consulting Firm Cubex Group Trusts Core Commissions Will Deliver For Their Customers

Founded in 2001, Cubex Group has specialized in helping small-to-medium sized businesses establish and maintain stable IT operations for over 20 years. President of Cubex Group, Dave Rubin, and his team work with a variety of industries to provide support and solutions to ensure their clients have the resources, tools, and infrastructure needed for a streamlined and efficient workflow. This includes completing a comprehensive assessment to understand what their clients do, how they function, and how to help them decide which software to purchase.

With this level of support, Dave and his team become fully embedded with the functional day-to-day processes for each company they work with. This looks different for each company, and for one of his clients, this meant finding a solution that was capable of managing complex, multifaceted commission calculations.

As companies grow and expand, it’s common for their commission plans to get more complex over time. For Dave’s client, new vendors, a growing team of recruiters, and placement tracking continued to add to the complexity of their sales commission plan, making it very difficult to continue to manage in the system they were using.

“It’s a tremendous amount of information that needs to be processed and accounted for.”

“To put it in perspective, this is a recruiting company that has over 1700-line items of commission to be paid on a monthly basis, with potentially 50 to 60 different types of plans that need to be managed based on those individuals,” said Dave. “The software that they were using was not capable of actually handling the commission calculations they needed.”

After researching and vetting software solutions, Dave confidently recommended that his client move forward with Core Commissions and both Dave and his client have been impressed by the customer service that they receive. “Anytime we’ve had an issue, Core has been right there to help us work through it,” Dave reports.

Core’s analytic features and custom report options have also been a complete game-changer. Dave’s client had specific requirements for what data needed to be included and how the data needed to be organized in their reports, and Core delivered. With the complexity of their plan, they needed to be able to see certain things like:

  • Repeating placement IDs if someone gets paid on the same line twice.
  • Page breaks between commission plans if someone gets paid across two different plans.
  • Separations between normal and overtime payments.

Using one of the off-the-shelf report options from Core’s report library, Core was able to customize the report to meet all these requirements in an easy-to-read format, which they can disseminate to their team easily with Core’s bulk-email report feature.  

“The level of support is unparalleled.”

“Core has been exceptional during our transition process,” said Dave. “When we looked at different solutions, [Core was] really the only one we trusted to deliver what you said you could do and then you delivered.”

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