An All-in-One Solution: Engage Partners Uses Core for Commissions, BI, Accounting & Everything In-Between

Engage Partners, Inc. is a full-service staffing agency that focuses on connecting the right employees to the right businesses at the right time. Their unique approach to recruitment includes cutting-edge AI-driven talent analytics, retained executive search, and customized staffing programs. Engage’s expertise spans various sectors, serving industries ranging from administration to sales and marketing, finance, information technology, healthcare, engineering, and green technologies. Boasting a 98% retention rate for talent, their forward-thinking workforce solutions ensure that their clients are 100% satisfied with their services.

A long-term customer of Core Commissions, Jennifer Bruno, Director of Marketing at Engage Partners, revels in the scalability and adaptability of Core’s platform. Since first adopting the sales commission solution in 2017, Jennifer has continually found numerous ways of utilizing the system to automate as many administrative tasks as she can.

“We have evolved with Core to fit our needs over the course of the years and that to me is the greatest strength of Core,” said Jennifer. “The fact that it can change with us and grow with us… the fact that it can adjust and change accordingly – to me that’s a win.”

While her initial intent with the solution was to simplify commission management, she has utilized the flexibility of the platform to manage as much data as possible; from accounting, invoicing, and business intelligence (BI) functions to tracking an employee’s salary and PTO accruals. For her, Core has been a one-system solution to many of her complex internal operations.  

“We wouldn’t be able to function without it,” said Jennifer. “At this point, I don’t even know how they used to.”

Rewind back to 2017, Jennifer had been recently tasked with taking on the responsibility of managing her firm’s commission management. With a background in marketing – not accounting – Jennifer was overwhelmed with the daunting task of poring through the multitudes of data sources, lines and lines of Excel spreadsheets, and navigating the complexities of calculating their various commission structures.

Engage’s commission challenges included:

  • Multiple commission rate percentages based on placement type and industry
  • Individual commission tier structures
  • Commission cycles that process weekly
  • Draws and advances for recruiters
  • Tracking high-volumes of applicants & designating applicants to recruiters

Immediately, she sought a solution to make the process as easy as possible and Core was the answer.

Once Jennifer was able to automate the complexities of their commission plan, she realized the world of opportunity that Core provided in terms of automating other business functions. Working closely with her designated implementer, Jennifer was able to build out comprehensive business reports such as a profit & loss report, an accounting report to track which clients have paid their invoices, and even tracking PTO as an itemized line item on their employee payment reports.

With direct access to Core’s online web portal, all of her employees have easy access to login, view their pay statements, confirm applicants, and even monitor their PTO balances. Additionally, with Core’s role-based hierarchy management features, managers are able to view all their direct reports to help keep processes streamlined.

“For us, it really is all-encompassing… the fact that we could go in and create all of these extra reports… we were able to help the business run better,” said Jennifer.

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