Everyone outsources payroll. Why should commissions be any different?

Let Core automate your complex commission rules and ditch the spreadsheets!

At Core Commissions, we are commission calculation experts, and while our software has a robust set of tools that allow you to manage the process internally, sometimes you still don’t want a full-time employee.


If you’d like to save the cost and overhead of an internal resource running your commissions while still providing your sales staff and management key reports, contact Core today to schedule a demo or learn more about the features and benefits of our automated commission management solutions.

Commission Plan Tools

Core’s commission specialists will help you leverage all of our automation and reporting tools. We’ll work with your team to build your incentive plan, import data from all your business systems, and automate calculations, virtually eliminating the need for an internal resource to manage your commissions.


  • Advanced Rules Engine
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Splits, overrides, bonuses, draws, chargebacks and tiered rates
  • Integration with existing CRM, ERP or financial application

Audit and Analysis

Auditing is crucial in running a commission cycle. Core will work with your team to ensure you are receiving error-free commission statements, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly.


  • Payment cross validation
  • Data validation on import
  • Custom audit capability

Reporting and Output

Core’s web reporting portal is automatically included in Managed Services which gives sales reps and agents access to reports, dashboards and analytics.


  • Advanced Report Designer
  • Drag & Drop Analytics
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Bulk Email Report Distribution

Advanced Features

Managed Services not only takes the headache out of commission calculations, but also offers several advanced options:


  • Sales Web Reporting Portal
  • Dispute Management Option
  • Management review and approval module

Request more information or schedule a demo today!