Link Core Commissions & QuickBooks

Leverage Core Commissions’ powerful tools when you integrate QuickBooks and you’ll be able to easily manage your commission calculations with any of the data you need.

Combining Core Commissions and QuickBooks gives you a powerful and effective way to manage commissions while eliminating errors. Let us prove it to you!

Why Integrate Core Commissions?

  • Our application offers the most powerful and flexible tools in the industry.
  • Core integrates with any upstream or downstream data source, including QuickBooks.
  • With a customized integration, you can pull any data you need from your business applications.


Fully Automate Commissions

When you integrate your business systems, you gain the ability to fully automate the commission process from start to finish.

  • Import commission data from an unlimited number of sources.
  • Calculate even the most complex incentive packages with the click of a button.
  • Generate reports for sales personnel and managers immediately.


Commission dashboard showing sales performance metrics in Core Commissions that can be integrated with QuickBooks

Easy & Transparent

With the tools included in Core Commissions’ application, sales organizations of all sizes simplify every aspect of commissions management.

  • Sales Web Portal allows sales reps to directly access their commission reports at any time.
  • Dispute Management feature fully streamlines the commission dispute process.
  • Automated Auditing allows administrators to view every calculation in a single view.


My agents and I love it. Customer service is awesome. This is great software and I would recommend it to anyone.

DavidParagon Dealer Services

Kirt and his team are great to work with and I feel they are a part of our team. I can’t imagine doing this job without them!

NancyWestern Resources Title