No matter who processes your sales commissions, they deserve recognition. Commission management is a complicated but often thankless job. A small token of your appreciation can go a long way.

A piggy bank with a Santa hat in front of a Christmas tree represents holiday gifts for commissions managers.

Show your commission manager or administrator that you appreciate their time with a considerate gift.

The holidays are a perfect time to pick out a gift for your commission manager or administrator. Of course, there’s not a lot of time left to find that perfect thing they’ll love. That’s why we’re here to help.

We work with a lot of commissions people and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what they like. To come up with the perfect gift for a sales commission administrator, you’ve got to think like one: calculate lots of numbers and spend hours hunched over a desk.

Now that we’re in that mindset, here’s a few things that could make any commission manager or administrator feel special.

Commission Administrator Gifts:

  1. Blue Light Filter: With all that time your commission administrator spends in front of their computer screen, they could use a little relief. Blue light emitted by computer screens (and handheld devices) confuses our bodies and messes up sleep patterns. By giving your employee a blue light filter, like this one that you can find at Best Buy, tells them that you care they’re getting a full 8 hours of rest.
  2. Foot Warmer Mat: As the weather gets chillier (or even just when the air conditioner get cranked up in the office), your commission administrator might appreciate a cozy foot warmer under their desk. Pick this one up at Target and show them that you care that they’re comfortable at their desk or wherever they work.
  3. Balance Ball Chair: If your commission administrator prefers pilates to Excel sheets, perhaps they’d appreciate a balance ball chair. They can work on their core while working in the Core Commissions app. Show your employee that you know they’d rather be doing abdominal curls and get them this chair at Office Depot.
  4. Headache Relief Cap: All those complicated commission rules can easily cause a headache. Why not help them ease those aches and pains with a headache-relieving cap? This one is available at Walmart and will let your employee rest easy even when they can’t get the numbers out of their head.
  5. Home Bar Kit: For the commission manager who misses happy hours with the team, a home bar kit could be a great fit. Once your commission manager has everything they need to mix a martini, they might be organizing virtual happy hours every week. Find one at Bed Bath & Beyond to show them that you miss having a drink with them.
  6. Money Tree: If your commission manager can grow plants as well as they navigate Excel sheets, they might appreciate a money tree. This low-maintenance greenery might remind them how important they are to the entire team. Shop for one at your local nursery and put a nice bow on it for them.
  7. Money Bags Cookie Cutters: For those commission administrators who spend their weekends in the kitchen baking sweets, a money bags cookie cutter is a cute and adorable stocking stuffer. You might need to rush ship this one from Amazon to get it in time but even if it’s a New Year’s gift, your employee will definitely appreciate it.
  8. Math-themed Clock: When your commission manager spends eight hours a day calculating numbers, they might get a kick out of a clock that features some familiar formulas. It will also tell them when it’s time for happy hour. Get them this clock from Walmart to say that you appreciate their time.
  9. Core Commissions: If you really do appreciate your commission administrator’s time, consider implementing commission automation with Core Commissions and help cut their workload by 85% almost immediately. Take a look at our packages to find one that can complement your employees’ needs.

We hope you and all of your employees have a lovely holiday season. Drop us a line or set up a free demo so we can show you how we can help your commissions manager or administrator.