Here’s to The Bean Counters on Bean Counters’ Day

by | Apr 15, 2020

Gears work spin together, representing the complexity of using commission spreadsheets

On April 16, we celebrate Bean Counters’ Day! Normally this holiday falls immediately after Tax Day but things are a little different this year. We figure even though tax season is a bit extended, our accounting, payroll, and especially commission administrators deserve a round of applause. They’re still counting those beans while working from home to make sure your entire team is getting paid for their continued hard work.

At Core, we’re big fans of the commission bean counters. We build tools to support the important work they do. With more and more of them working from home, they’re probably facing even more challenges to their already difficult task. Not only are they calculating complex commission rules but they’re building reports and communicating with every remote payee each and every pay day. Now they’re doing it from a distance and possibly with additional responsibilities to consider. So we encourage you to give them recognition for continuing to excel and keep your sales team motivated day in and day out.

So how can we say thank you to the ones who count our beans every pay day?

We have a couple ideas:

  • Say thank you: it’s that simple. But this kind of thank you is best done face-to-face. Since you can’t see them in person for a while, your best option is to set up a video chat with them through tools like GoToMeeting or whatever video conferencing application you normally use with your teams. You might even consider involving the rest of your team with a Bean Counters’ Day happy hour. Then the entire team can raise a glass to the person who continues to make sure they get paid.
  • Send them a gift or care package: since your commission administrator is probably working from home, like most teams in the U.S. right now, you can send that person a nice gift or care package. A service like Gemnote, which typically sends swag to customers, can help you put together a gift bag for a remote employee. It might brighten their day but also provide them with amenities they’re not getting outside the office, like free coffee or snacks.
  • Reward them for hard work: it’d be a little incentive to the person who handles big incentives. A reward can be monetary but it can also come in the form of additional support. A tool like Core Reporter will not only provide that support, it can even save you some money. Core Reporter cuts the commission administrator’s workload by 30% to 50% almost instantly and allows them to focus on counting those beans. Once they do that important work, they can use Core to build individualized reports and email them to each and every payee with the click of a button. Right now, if you sign up for Core Reporter, you can get three months free. 

Three cheers for the commission bean counters! We wish them all a happy Bean Counters’ Day and even better days to come.

In the meantime, let us know if you’d like a free demo of Core Reporter. Contact us for more info.

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