In general terms, a rule is a set of calculation steps applied to data from specified activity in order to determine certain results from it. Since Core is a solution for calculating incentive payments, the most common example of a rule is a set of calculations and data actions joined together to automatically calculate the results of specific incentive payments for a group of people. A different incentive rewarding other types of activity would have different calculation conditions that would usually require a rule specific to that incentive.

Core supports 3 different types of rules for producing results:

  • Payment rules calculate commissions, bonuses, and other incentive amounts earned from various sales activities.
  • Info rules produce non-payment performance measure results like quota attainment, sales contest rankings, product margins, revenue schedules, etc.
  • Data management rules transform data to support rules building and reporting requirements.

In Core, collections of these rules, grouped into plans, are used to automate the commission process.