Commission management takes up a lot of time for the average administrator. Hours of data collection, calculations, auditing, and reporting go into the job. That doesn’t even include how long it takes to respond to questions or commission disputes. All that time you’re spending on commissions could be spent on a vacation this summer. We can help!

There’s a way to both cut down on that workload immediately and save money: Core Commissions. Our application allows sales organizations to accomplish all the tasks that go into commission management with the click of a button. Data imports, automated calculations, and instant reports support this goal. It even saves you money in the long run. So not only can you get extra time, but you’ve also got money to pay for a little travel.

Woman crouches next to tortoise in Galapagos Islands where she is traveling.

Use the time and money you save thanks to Core Commissions to travel to amazing locations, like the Galapagos Islands.

So where should you go with all the time and money you save this summer? We have a few suggestions.

Galápagos Islands

Any excursion to the Galápagos Islands, located about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, requires a lot of traveling. But it’s worth the trip. Once there, you can stay on one of the populated islands and visit the more remote locations day to day. Travelers may also choose to stay on a boat that takes them to new locations while they sleep.

Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

Discover the beauty of the Yucatan and get a bite to eat at gourmet restaurants while you’re at it. Visitors to the capital city of the state of Yucatan can also venture to nature reserves in more rural areas and ancient Mayan locations. A small, quiet beach town is also a great place to go if you’d like to go windsurfing.

Pico, Portugal

One of the nine Azore Islands, Pico consists of dark volcanic rock and is home to Portugal’s highest mountain. Travelers who aren’t ready to go climbing 7,713 feet to the top of Mount Pico might be more at home visiting the wineries. That volcanic rock imparts a unique terroir into the grapes used to make those wines.

Pico Island in Portugal features the tallest mountain in the country, seen here behind cloud cover and surrounded by green fields.

Sedona, Arizona

If you’re not quite ready to travel out of the country this summer, Sedona offers an amazing experience as well. The area has become a popular destination thanks to its impressive rock formations. The landscape isn’t the only thing you’ll want to take in. A number of incredible restaurants are welcoming visitors now too.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

A trip to a desert may not immediately strike you as a must-visit destination. However, Sossusvlei, located in the Namib Desert, features some of the highest dunes in the world. It’s a quiet location that allows travelers to really appreciate the beauty of the sand.

Taveuni, Fiji

An archipelago of 333 islands, Fiji offers a wide range of options to any traveler. Taveuni is known as The Garden Isle and it earns that nickname. Visitors to the island find amazing views and incredible natural landmarks, like waterfalls and impressive dive sites. The rainforest alone will leave you in awe of the beautiful island.

If you’re ready to start saving for that incredible getaway, contact us to set up a demo today. We’ll show you how we save you time and money every day of the year.