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Build Complex Rules in Minutes

Flow Chart

Commission rules can get complex quickly and in some systems it can even be hard to tell what’s been built or how it works when you’re done.

With Core, rules are built in an intuitive “building block” method that let’s you see resulting output through each step of the rule calculations. That lets even non-technical users build complex rules quickly.

But we don’t stop there. Core has an industry leading feature that automatically flow charts each step within the rule so you can graphically see the process flow as you build it. It tells you where each of the variables comes from and in what order the calculations take place.

Want to see the specific results from each step of a complex commission calculation? Core let’s you do that for any calculation in a single button click so you have of all the supporting detail at your fingertips to verify results, explain calculations to others, and be confident of accuracy.

Fully Automated Commission Calculations

There are many steps to processing incentive pay including importing data from other applications, relating information across multiple sources, applying rules criteria and distributing reports and analytics.

Core’s robust suite of tools let’s you fully automate every step of the process. Anything from automated imports at intervals you specify to processing and distribution of results.

You choose to manually execute (or override) a scheduled operation or let Core do it all. Want Core to integrate with a financial app, CRM, ERP, or other system? Core’s connector module let you exchange data with virtually any application including Salesforce, Netsuite, Dynamics, and many, many more. Core also includes a powerful ETL module for transforming data across systems when needed.

Fully Automated Calculations

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Want rocket fast drag & drop analytics trending any kind of information in seconds?
How about dashboards with drill down/up capability that update detailed panels with a click on a chart? Core’s application has that and more including:
* Library of reports that can be customized in minutes
* Web reporting module gives users individual access to their information
* Bulk send individualized reports and dashboards
* Full access to Core’s in-depth report designer
* Full access to Core’s in-depth dashboard designer
* Dynamic drag & drop trended analytics module
* Export output in excel, pdf, and other formats


Product Express


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Core Commissions Product Enterprise


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Core Commissions Product Premier


Two-way communication sales and management

We were using Excel Spreadsheets and a Google Sheets system prior to working with Core Commissions. The transactions were even more complex because relationships can change over time, and often times the payments for any given month were delayed by 30-45 days. Core Commissions is easy to use and the support team has been fantastic. Our initial launch process was smooth and easy to facilitate. Even more importantly though, we have been using this for over 3-years now. They have also spent time understanding my requirements as they continue to upgrade the system.


The quality of product is extremely strong. My agents and I love it. After some extensive training, I have been left with a good feel for navigating the system. Customer service is awesome. Although there is functionality that I am not currently using, I believe Core can provide whatever I need. Again, leads back to excellent customer service.
This is great software and I would recommend it to anyone.

DavidParagon Dealer Services

Although we considered developing a commission application in house, we are very happy with our decision to use Core. Their ease of handling our complex commission rules has proven to be a time saving solution for us. I would recommend this to any organization that wants a flexible tool that can integrate easily with other systems and wants to implement a solution quickly.

Commission AdministratorInsurance

Core Commission is an excellent tool for pulling disparate information together to generate meaningful reports. We use Core weekly to determine payment for all sales reps (wages, OT, commisisons, clawbacks, bonuses and more). Without it, this process would be incredibly cumbersome.

PresidentOnline Sales